Bob Arum CEO of Top Rank claims Tyson Fury is only person who can ‘handle’ Japanese star Naoya Inoue’s power

The CEO of Top Rank, Bob Arum, has recently spoken very highly of the Japanese fighter Naoya Inoue. Bob has said that, despite admiring Naoya, the only guy who might be able to handle the Japanese is none other than the great Tyson Fury.

Inoue has competed in 24 fights throughout his professional boxing career and has never suffered a defeat. In his career that spanned ten years, he fought for the title seven times and triumphed each time. He recently became the undisputed bantamweight world champion defeating Paul Butler. 

Naoya signed up for a contract with Las Vegas-based boxing promotion Top Rank in 2019. Bob, who is also one of the promotion’s co-founders, has witnessed the outstanding display Naoya has given in the ring. Arum recently shared his opinions in an interview with Give Me Sport regarding the Japanese maestro.

 “The only guy who might be able to handle Inoue is Tyson Fury because he’s a little too big for him,” said Arum.

“But this Inoue, I mean he’s scary. He is like a loaded rifle. I get such a kick out of this guy. You really begin to feel sorry for his opponent halfway through his fights.” Bob added.

When asked if he would keep Naoya Inoue ahead of Artur Beterbiev, the undisputed light heavyweight champion, Bob did not share a clear answer for that. He then returned to admiring The Monster again for his remarkable strength, believing the 29-year-old Japanese to be in a class of his own.

“That’s hard to say. You know, that’s something you can’t tell.” 

“But obviously I’ve never seen anybody with the concussive power, pound-for-pound, that Inoue has. I mean, never, particularly at that weight. He sets the guy up and boom he knocks them out the guy can’t move.

“He is really something special,” Bob concluded.

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