Brazilian soccer star Vinicius Jr effigy hanged by fans ahead of Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid clash

Two lions in the same jungle tend to fight frequently as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid shared a lifelong rivalry, but there has been an incident happened involving Vinicius Jr. that could be described as out of limit.

Real Madrid drew against their local rival Atletico for the quarter-final of Copa del Rey where the Los Blancos battered their nemesis on a 3-1 win and Vinicius stamped the final nail to Atletico’s coffin.

However, prior to the game, an effigy of Vinicius was spotted hanging under a bridge in Madrid  while there has been writing on top of it that reads, “Madrid hates Real.”

It is such a shameless and staggering portraiture to display publicly as it could lead to a conflict or even a riot among the fans and in general it is a swinish act.

La Liga has already investigated the issue and they insisted it could never be tolerable. The official statement from La Liga said,

“Club Atletico de Madrid communicates that attacks on the dignity of persons or institutions are categorical and unreserved. The rivalry between the two clubs is the greatest, but so is respect. No individual, whatever their intentions or colors, can tarnish the coexistence between different supporters.

It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid this. We do not know the perpetrator or perpetrators of this despicable act, but their anonymity does not avoid their responsibility. We hope that the authorities succeed in clarifying what happened and that justice helps to banish this type of behavior.”

Real Madrid authorities are fuming after the incident was acknowledged while there has been no room for this kind of conducts since it spreads only hate and this could never be labeled as a troll or criticism.

“We express our firmest condemnation of events that violate the fundamental rights and dignity of people, and that has nothing to do with the values ​​that football and sport represent.”- Official statement from Real Madrid said.

Vinicius Jr. faced a whole lot of racial abuse throughout his career but this is something like a new experience for him and the Brazillian has every reason to raise his voice even louder than before.


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