Canelo Alvarez reveals why Mike Tyson’s opinion on David Benavidez bout doesn’t matter

Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed super middleweight champion, finds himself in the crosshairs once again. This time, the source of the heat comes from boxing legend Mike Tyson, who recently criticized Alvarez’s reluctance to fight rising star David Benavidez.

However, in true Canelo fashion, the champion has fired back with a playful jab, adding another layer to the ongoing saga surrounding a potential Alvarez-Benavidez matchup.

Canelo Alvarez Lands Cheeky Jibe on Mike Tyson

In a recent interview, boxing legend Mike Tyson threw a verbal jab at Canelo Alvarez, questioning the champion’s desire to fight rising star David Benavidez. Tyson, known for his devastating knockout power in his prime, implied that Canelo might be wary of Benavidez’s similar skillset and raw power. This critique landed with a thud, but not in the way Tyson might have expected.

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Alvarez, ever the showman, responded with a playful yet pointed barb. “Listen,” Canelo said with a hint of amusement, “with all due respect to Mike Tyson, he’s been retired for a while. Maybe he should focus on getting himself back in shape before offering advice to active fighters.” This seemingly lighthearted jab carries a significant weight. It highlights the generational gap between the two boxers. Tyson, a ferocious icon of the 80s and 90s, might be out of touch with the nuances of the current boxing landscape.

Alvarez’s playful dig serves a dual purpose. It deflects Tyson’s criticism while subtly reminding everyone that he remains an active fighter at the top of his game. Whether this playful response translates to a future fight with Benavidez remains to be seen. However, it certainly adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga surrounding this potential matchup.

Why is Canelo Alvarez reluctant to Fight David Benavidez?

Beyond the playful banter, Canelo’s reluctance to fight David Benavidez likely stems from a combination of factors. Stylistically, Benavidez’s aggressive pressure and punching volume pose a significant risk to Canelo’s more measured approach, potentially jeopardizing his undefeated record at super middleweight. Additionally, from a business standpoint,

Benavidez might not be as lucrative an opponent as some of Canelo’s past foes due to a lack of name recognition, translating to a smaller pay-per-view windfall. Finally, ongoing negotiation issues between the two camps could be another hurdle preventing the fight from being finalized.

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Ultimately, the decision about whether to fight Benavidez rests with Canelo Alvarez. His playful response to Mike Tyson’s comments doesn’t provide a definitive answer. However, it does highlight the complexities surrounding a potential matchup between the reigning champion and the brash young challenger. Fans will undoubtedly continue to speculate until a definitive answer emerges, and the boxing world eagerly awaits whether Canelo will step into the ring with David Benavidez.

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