Chael Sonnen accuses Dwayne Johnson of attempting to destroy Joe Rogan’s career

Dwayne Johnson made his debut appearance on Joe Rogan’s JRE show last week. During the conversation, The Rock brought up the possibility of taking up martial arts, but Joe Rogan said nothing. In response to the interview, MMA star Chael Sonnen said that the three-hour was very awkward because of their difficult past.

Sonnen voiced his dissatisfaction, drawing attention to the uncomfortable nature of their discourse even though they were friends. He also criticized “The Rock” for his suspected use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Chael Sonnen calls out Dwayne Johnson

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has a very popular podcast, and the episodes he’s released recently have been particularly interesting. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the latest in the long line of renowned people, who have been accused of using steroids on many occasions by podcaster Joe Rogan.

In a recent episode, they discussed a wide range of issues, from Johnson’s interest in mixed martial arts to current events across the world. Their cordial exchange has led others, like ‘The Bad Guy,’ to suspect it was part of a plan to trick the viewers.

Dwayne Johnson
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MMA star Chael Sonnen has been vocal about his opinion that WWE great Dwayne Johnson has been inconsistent in his claims that he has never used steroids. Sonnen expresses skepticism about ‘The Rock’ and his family’s claims in a YouTube video, citing what he considers to be solid proof. There was an immediate outpouring of support for Sonnen from fans when he posted the video.

MMA star said in his YouTube video, “Steroids, which is something ‘The Rock’ has denied. His father denied it, his uncles denied it, and the whole family denied it. It’s one of those things…in all fairness, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you weren’t out there telling people about nutrition and telling people about your diet, telling people about your workouts.”

The former UFC star asks The Rock to come clean over PED usage

Chael Sonnen said that Joe Rogan failed to do his job as a podcast host by not challenging or reacting to Dwayne Johnson’s comments. According to Sonnen, it felt like Rogan had no control over his program. The way Rogan sat there was “like a limp noodle.” Nevertheless, Rogan pretended like nothing was wrong and exhibited genuine attention to what ‘The Rock’ had to say.

Dwayne Johnson
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Dwayne Johnson has rejected steroid usage allegations before, and he will likely do so again. Sonnen compared Johnson to the influencer Liver King to emphasize the consequences of ignoring steroid usage in the context of influencing people’s exercise and diet habits.

The former UFC star said the Hollywood actor should own up to his behavior and reveal the truth about steroid denial claims. There was a wide range of responses from fans to the middleweight contender’s remarks. However, The Rock keeps denying that he uses steroids.


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