“Could be curtains on his career” Chris Eubank Jr nearly sees his pro boxing career ending after brutal KO loss vs Liam Smith: Carl Froch

A former pro boxer, Carl Froch, gives a hint about a possible retirement for Chris Eubank Jr. Eubank’s recent humiliating defeat to Liam Smith prompted the suggestion of a possible career-ending.

Although he has a decent amount of time to recover and make a comeback it will be one of the biggest challenges of his late career.

The East Sussex boxer Chris Eubank Jr. had a major defeat recently at the AO Arena in Manchester. Following the defeat, which raised many questions over his career.

However, there are no answers from the British boxer, but a former super-middleweight boxer, Carl Froch, has a suggestion for moving forward. Earlier after the match, the 45-year-old told Sky Sports about his takes on the situation.

Furthermore, he praised Liam Smith for his amazing performance in the ring.

The Cobra is also confused and continuously questions himself. In the interview with Sky Sports, he stated, “Where does he go from here? That could be curtains on his career. I don’t want to say he should retire now, but that was a bad defeat. Where does he go now? Middleweight or Super Middleweight?”

Also, he didn’t forget to say good things about the Liverpool boxer: “Regardless of the weight, I don’t think we should take away from the magnificent performance it was from Liam Smith. He took his time in round one. He won rounds one and two on my card, but had a bit of a bad round three.”

At the AO Arena in Manchester, both boxers fight tooth and nail to the very end.

Regardless of that, the former WBO light-middleweight champion was too good before Next Gen. He dominates the ring with his uppercuts and big punches. The referee intervened after a savage uppercut, which left Eubank floored. It is his third defeat and the first time he has been stopped.



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