Devin Haney and UFC champ Sean O’Malley trade barbs on social media with chances of potential boxing bout in future

Devin Haney, the reigning undisputed lightweight champion of the world and the UFC bantam weight champion of the world, Sean O’Malley have been involved in an online kerfuffle recently. Sean O’Malley recently became the UFC bantamweight champion after dethroning Aljamain Sterling. Since then the new UFC champion hasn’t quite held his horses as O’Malley has been trash talking with multiple fighters like that of Henry Cejudo and Merab Dvalishvili.

Haney seems to be the new name on Sean O’Malley’s list of picking random fights with professional fighters as the two gets involved in an heated online exchange.

Devin Haney and Sean O’Malley in heated online exchange

The undisputed light weight champion of the world Devin Haney went to twitter to make a resounding declaration and said “Nothing will break me” a resounding oath, promise, covenant, a cryptic tweet in short.

Sean O’Malley who is never shy to challenge another to a fight and has been involved in multiple online feuds and disputes and callouts, replied to the cryptic tweet by Haney and said “I would” implying that he would break Haney.

Devin Haney being the undisputed light weight champion of the world didn’t take this reply lightly. Haney replied to Sean O’Malley and said “I guess y’all MMA punks haven’t learned yet.”

Sean O’Malley has been the talk of the town since he was crowned  as the UFC bantam weight champion after defeating Aljamain Sterling. The constant need of O’Malley calling out random fighters for a fight may be because of the thrill of the sport being higher as well as the money bag too. Sean O’Malley hasn’t only called out Devin Haney but has also called out Gervonta Davis aka The Tank.

Fans were quick to jump in on the fun, “He would legit cook u in a fight” said one fan replying to O’Malley’s tweet. “Sean … we love you and I know your tryna chase the bag but… This wouldn’t be a pretty fight for you big dawg” tweeted another fan.

Devin Haney and Sean O’Malley’s feud explained

Devin Haney and Sean O’Malley have been going back and forth on twitter claiming that they would hurt one another. O’Malley expressed his desire to fight Haney when the undisputed world champion posted a cryptic tweet on twitter which said “Nothing will break me,” what followed was O’Malley being the man he is replied to the tweet by saying “I would.”

Haney simultaneously clapped back at Sean and said “I guess y’all MMA punks haven’t learned yet.” The boxing fans had the same reaction as Haney, claiming that Sean would get destroyed in a boxing match against Devin Haney.

A fan replied to Sean claiming that he would break Devin Haney and said that these MMA fighters are getting knocked out by youtubers but still callout world champions referring to the boxing match between youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul and MMA legend Anderson Silva as well as UFC legend Nate Diaz which resulted in Jake Paul winning the both fights.

Sean O’Malley has been calling out boxers but it hasn’t turned into anything concrete. Tell us in the comments your thoughts on if O’Malley were to fight either of Gervonta Davis or Devin Haney, would The suga  emerge victor ?




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