Dillon Danis claps back at KSI by swearing on Logan Paul’s girlfriend

The Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul bout has been stirring up quite the buzz in the world of boxing for quite some time. On the way to that fight, we also encountered a lot of aggressive callouts from the sides of both fighters. In certain instances, the trolling from Danis has gotten so personal that even a lot of fans were not entertained with it.

The back-and-forth between these two fighters ahead of the bout has been entertaining to watch. Now, there is another person who has made a bold claim in this area. It was none other than KSI, Logan’s friend, and partner in PRIME. KSI has recently issued a warning, addressing Dillon on YouTube and we are going to be delving more into that in this article.

KSI sends stern warning to Dillon Danis

While on a YouTube video of fellow YouTuber Harvey Ubhi, KSI was talking about his boxing career. They talked about Conor McGregor and other fights as well. This was until the conversation shifted to Dillon Danis. KSI said, “I’m slapping him. Straight up.” when he comes to the Press Conference.

In the past Press Conference where Dillon and JJ came face to face, there was a massive falling out between the duo. In that incident, Danis managed to throw coffee on KSI’s face as well. JJ has been accumulating his vendetta against him since then and says that he needs to get back at him for that.

These two fighters were also supposed to face each other in the ring officially in January of this year but Danis pulled from the fight in the last moment. It was supposedly due to the fact that the Bellator fighter was not properly prepared. In the end that fight never happened.

Danis brutally responds to the YouTuber-turn-boxer

Dillon is a fellow member of Conor’s crew and has been around him for a long time. If there is one thing he would not tolerate, it is an insult. After KSI’s comment came into the public limelight, the Bellator fighter snapped back almost instantly. He tweeted saying, “try and see what happens you will leave on a stretcher word to Nina.”

Nina Agdal is the Danish model who is Logan’s girlfriend. The fact that Dillon used the name of Nina here and also swore on her name might just be another tactic to infuriate Paul. One thing is for sure, looking at this exchange, it is safe to say that the upcoming Press Conference might just be really entertaining for all the fans.

What are your opinions on KSI issuing this warning? Do you think a big fight may break out in the Press Conference itself? Is there any chance of the Press Conference being canceled due to this? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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