D’Lo Brown on Cody Rhodes: he is not top-tier echelon guy

Former WWE and Impact Wrestling icon D’Lo Brown has shared his thoughts on Cody Rhodes and his current story arc. According to him, The American Nightmare has some work to do to reach the level of legendary WWE icons.

Brown made these comments during a podcast appearance alongside host Bully Ray. In his WWE days, D’Lo was a member of the faction Nation of Domination, which also featured The Rock. He won both the WWE European and Intercontinental Championships in 1998, holding the latter title for a year.

D’Lo Brown doubts Cody Rhodes’ main event calibre

D’Lo had an interesting opinion when asked about the upcoming Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns bout. While he thinks that Cody Rhodes will come out as the winner, he still refuses to consider him a top dog on the WWE circuit. 

Rhodes is already fighting for the WWE Championship for the third consecutive year. After a heartbreaking loss in WrestleMania 39, he has vowed to complete his story and get his redemption. This is the reason why D’Lo believes it is now or never for Rhodes to win this year. 

He also points out that it can become difficult for the fans to hold the same level of sympathy for another year. ‘It’s even more difficult to do it for two years; damn near impossible to keep it up for a third year to finish the story, in my opinion,’ D’Lo added. 

As for why D’Lo does not consider Cody Rhodes to be top-tier, it is because of the current narrative WWE has set up for him. ‘I look at Cody, and I don’t say this disrespectfully; I’ve never seen that top-tier echelon guy. They have made Cody since he’s come back over from AEW into that top-tier guy, so for the purposes of the story they are telling, he’s the guy,’ Brown added.

It’s maybe the missing Universal Championship belt that Cody Rhodes needs. Not just D’Lo, but even fans are hoping that The American Nightmare trumps Roman Reigns and gets his hand on the coveted title.  

WWE HOFer criticizes recent Cody Rhodes segment

In the same podcast, Bully Ray also showed his displeasure over the attitude of Cody Rhodes in a recent SmackDown episode. He wants The American Nightmare to get physical and show no mercy during such stand-offs.

‘Cody, for the love of God, beat the sh*t out of these guys with your hands. Take your jacket off, take your tie off, and rip your own suit off. Be Superman with your fists,’ he added. 

In the episode, Jey Uso wanted to sort things out with his brother. But Jimmy did not budge and brought in Solo Sikoa to square him off. As the members of The Bloodlines had him on a choke, Cody Rhodes ran in and saved Jey Uso. 

The feud between the brothers is part of the storyline involving Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. This sets up a riveting contest between The Bloodlines and Cody Rhodes with Jey Uso and Seth Rollins by his side in the upcoming WrestleMania.


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