Drew Mcintyre shares painful news about his cat Piper, passing away

The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre shared the saddening news on twitter, about his cat Piper, passing away.

The current WWE Champion is saddened by the loss of his pet and shared the feline’s pictures on his official Twitter account.

Drew McIntyre had brought the kitten home back in June when he found her abandoned in the streets.

Piper was very close to the wielder of Claymore, whose heartfelt message was felt by every pet owner around the world.

Drew McIntyre cat


Drew wrote, “If you have a pet, don’t take a moment for granted. They’re better than people”.

Like the above Tweet states, Drew was obviously very close to his feline friend, Piper.

He added, “Every time you have to leave them tell them they’re loved, you might never get that chance again. Cherish every moment.”

Drew McIntyre cat

Piper, beloved cat of Drew McIntyre, who lit up their lives shall be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Piper.

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