Ellis Zorro vs Hosea Burton: A man in audience left unconscious after being struck by a chair in all-out brawl

The York Hall in London played host to a high-stakes bout between two formidable opponents in the boxing ring on Friday. Hosea Burton, a cousin of Tyson Fury, faced off against the undefeated Englishman Ellis Zorro in a much-anticipated fight for the vacant WBO European Cruiserweight title.

Despite the intrigue surrounding Burton’s familial ties, Zorro proved to be the superior fighter. Dominating from the opening bell and ultimately delivering a devastating knockout punch in the seventh round.

The referee was forced to stop the fight immediately, ending any hope of a miraculous comeback by Burton.

However, the excitement of the event was quickly dampened by a violent brawl that erupted among spectators. The altercation marred what was an otherwise thrilling night of boxing, and security personnel had to intervene to break up the melee.

It’s unfortunate that the misconduct of a few individuals had to tarnish an otherwise memorable evening of sporting competition.

As soon as the final bell rang to signal the end of the main event, chaos erupted in the crowd. With spectators breaking out into a violent frenzy.

The exact cause of the incident remains unclear, although it’s likely related to the intense nature of the fight. Chairs were hurled through the air, striking and injuring unsuspecting fans. One of whom was hit with such force that they were flung backwards like a ragdoll.

Ellis Zorro vs Hosea Burton leaves everyone in awe

The scene was one of utter pandemonium, and the melee tarnished what should have been a momentous occasion for the victorious Zorro, who had just secured a significant win in his career.

Despite trailing for much of the contest, the 30-year-old Zorro found the courage to summon a chilling one-punch knockout blow in the middle of the seventh round, securing a hard-fought victory.

For 34-year-old Burton, it’s back to the drawing board after his pre-fight pledge to retire if he failed to defeat Zorro.

Ellis Zorro

Throughout the bout, Burton sought to utilize his height and reach advantages. Employing a long jab and attempting to connect with straight right hands to the head and body.

In contrast, Zorro was constantly on the hunt for opportunities to land an overhand right. Coming close to doing so in the final stages of the round. Despite Burton’s greater experience and past accomplishments. Which included winning the British title at light-heavyweight in 2016.

His move up to cruiserweight last year following a stoppage loss to Dan Azeez proved unsuccessful in this matchup.

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