Ex-NFL legend Tom Brady sparks epic MrBeast collaboration rumors after posting photo in North Carolina

The former NFL superstar, Tom Brady, announced his retirement for good in February this year, and to establish it, he has been involved in several projects so far.

He had already starred in the Hollywood film ’80 for Brady’ and expressed his utmost desire to do stand-up comedy. Previously in last year, he signed a massive deal with Fox Sports to join as NFL commentary panel. He also bankrolled a Netflix show called “The Greatest Roasts of All Time: GROAT.’

Moreover, recently, Brady shared an image on social media that caused a stir among the fans, who expected something new.

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What did Tom Brady hint regarding MrBeast Collaboration?

On Tuesday, the 45-year-old posted a photo of himself with Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, on Twitter and wrote the caption: “Thanks for all you do.”

MrBeast is a renowned YouTuber and philanthropist, mostly known for his expensive stunts and challenges as well as humanitarian activity. He has more than 138 million subscribers on YouTube.

Jimmy also replied to the post, tweeting, “Thanks for coming to the studio.”

The 24-year-old’s reaction made the fans go bonkers, as they had already started fantasizing about a possible collaboration between Tom and one of Jimmy’s videos. The NFL legend also has widespread popularity on Instagram, with 13.7 million followers.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner already gained popularity for his podcast, Let’s Go. If the duo were to produce a collab, it should create blockbuster content for the fans.

One fan even asked, “Two of the most watched people in the world!  Doing a collab, I hope”

MrBeast already had experience with such collaborations; he had already made waves with PewDiePie and Marques Brownlee. The fans are excited to see this duo curating entertaining content.

What is Coming up for Tom Brady?

It is not apparent what Brady and Mr. Beast were up to when they were together. The three-time league MVP with Seven seasons Super Bowl winner is trying to release a video released soon? Were they merely two successful people who happened to cross paths? It’s possible nobody will ever find out.

What do you feel while watching them together? Tom Brady is going to appear in something new. Let us know your thoughts in a comment.

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