Fans expecting huge announcement regarding match at MITB following Roman Reigns’ ‘family business to handle’ spoiler

Roman Reigns is set to participate in the upcoming premium live event WWE Money in the Bank 2023. Fans are already invested in the emotional story between The Bloodline members. While there is no as such official announcement yet from WWE regarding The Tribal Chief match on the show. 

On the other hand, Roman Reigns is set to appear on tonight’s WWE Smackdown. WWE made this announcement last week when Jey Uso lost the United State Championship match after getting accidentally attacked by his own brother Jimmy Uso. As Roman Reigns is set to appear on the show fans are hoping for a announcement of Roman Reigns match at MITB 2023.

Jimmy Uso kicked brother Jey Uso costing U.S Title shot

In last week’s WWE SmackDown, Paul Heyman & Solo Sikoa confronted Jey Uso by rewarding a United State Championship match against Austin Theory in the main event. Jey Uso & Austin Theory competed in a highly anticipated match which results in the loss of Jey Uso. During the match, the pretty deadly also tries to interfere in the match by attacking Jey Uso but Jimmy Uso arrived on the scene to save his brother. 

By seeing Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa had also interfered in the match by attacking Jimmy. Jimmy Uso in the attempt of defending himself from The Bloodline Enforcer results in the accidental attack on his own brother. This results in the advantage of Austin Theory who scores a pinfall victory against the former tag team champion.

Roman Reigns
Jimmy Uso super kicked Jey Uso on last week’s SmackDown

After the match, Jimmy tries to convince his brother about this incident, but the Right-hand man leaves his brother alone in the ring and also confronted Paul Heyman & Solo Sikoa at ringside.

Jey’s impending decision between brother, Roman Reigns and family

The ending moments of the last week’s WWE SmackDown show that Jey Uso is still unclear about his next move regarding his family. His brother had already taken the decision to stand against The Tribal Chief. Jey Uso still tries to maintain his family relationships within The Bloodline but now it seems like Jey Uso has to make his decision that Whether he will fall in line. or he will support his brother against Roman Reigns.

With Roman Reigns coming on WWE SmackDown tonight, he is likely to confront the Right Hand Man regarding his decision. The rumors suggested that the former tag team champion will choose his brother Jimmy Uso which will lead to a tag team match at Money in the Bank 2023.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns also made his intentions clear with his latest tweet that tonight he will handle some family business. it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Jey Uso as Roman is returning back on WWE SmackDown.


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