Finn Balor identifies fellow Judgment Day member to become the “future of the business”

The Grand Slam Wrestling champion, Finn Balor, is an integral part of ‘The Judgment Day,’ one of the largest and most powerful forces in WWE history. The crew’s recent string of victories has given them extraordinary momentum, and they’ve been dominating for the past several months.

With the victory against Wes Lee, Dirty Mysterio claimed the NXT North American Championship title. After winning the men’s Ledger competition, Damian Priest became Mr. Money In The Bank 2023. Rhea Ripley has always been exceptional. All of their members can compete with the elites, but ‘The Demon King’ believes that Dominik Mysterio is highly capable of being the ‘Future of the business.’

Balor labels Dominik Mysterio as the “future of the business”

The Judgment Day didn’t become the greatest crew in WWE history overnight. It took long preparation, teamwork, and awareness of the competition’s strategies. As an elder member of the team, Finn believes that the creation of The Judgment Day has helped their careers by making them more comfortable in front of the camera and improving their overall performances.

Dominik is a great example; he shares his father’s name but recently distanced himself from him after displaying skill and success in storylines with Rey Mysterio. Dominik’s rise to stardom since then has made him a fan favorite. While all three members have exceeded expectations, Dominik’s growth has been the most surprising, as observed by Finn Balor while assessing the group’s influence.

Finn Balor

“Not only the growth he’s shown, outside of the ring and on his promos and his character work, but his growth inside of the ring has been absolutely monumental for someone who has had very little training, and no NXT experience pretty much. This kid is the future of the business, in my opinion”, Balor said.

22-year veteran achieved WWE grand slam 

Winning the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship at Payback, made Finn a Grand Slam Champion despite his low profile. As the 17th Grand Slam Champion under the current structure and the 24th overall, the Irish professional wrestler has achieved an honor that few active WWE performers can claim. 

Finn Balor

It’s a milestone that not even the famous John Cena has managed to achieve. Kevin Owens was the last Grand Slam Champion at WrestleMania 39. ‘The Judgment Day,’ together with Mysterio and Finn Balor, has been causing chaos in WWE.

Since there’s talk that the 22-year-old might leave the group and be replaced by Randy Orton. So, where would you want to see him perform? Comment on the rumor’s veracity.


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