#FireLoganPaul hot on social media after YouTube star signs new deal, fans shares candid opinions on WWE Draft 2023

Logan Paul has recently revealed that his contract with WWE was renewed. So is it truly justifiable to suggest his termination from the company? It appears rather severe for the WWE Universe to call for his dismissal.

But it’s not just a matter of the WWE Universe suggesting Paul’s firing. They have gone a step further and made the hashtag #FireLoganPaul trend on Twitter. And the reason behind its popularity is quite intriguing.

The reason why the hashtag #FireLoganPaul is trending on Twitter is due to a design posted by the Twitter account BlxckmassDesign, which categorizes certain Superstars into three groups. One of the categories is called “Fire One Wrestler,” and it includes Braun Strowman, Austin Theory, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and Paul.

The hashtag gained traction primarily because The Maverick was one of the most commonly selected options in that particular category.

Perhaps, this time, WWE fans are not being too hard on Paul. The reason why he is being singled out is that, among the five names. The other four have dedicated many more years and a lot more effort, hard work, and sacrifice to the wrestling industry.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul facing off Seth Rollins

Although the hashtag continues to be trendy among fans, WWE has no plans to terminate the contract of this rising superstar.

Logan Paul: Examining Controversial Yet Lucrative Career in WWE

Since his debut in 2021, the Maverick has demonstrated his worth in the WWE ring and shown that he deserves to be there, despite any dislike towards him. He has faced off against notable wrestlers such as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Rey and Dominik Mysterio, and Cody Rhodes, in some of the most highly anticipated WWE events.

At WrestleMania 39, his bout against Seth Rollins generated a massive reaction from the crowd. And both competitors gave it their all, executing every punch, splash, and kick with precision.

Logan Paul

Assuming that WWE fans do not hold The Maverick in high regard. Triple H, the company’s Chief Content Officer, has great expectations for him. He went on social media to offer personal congratulations for Paul’s contract extension. And anticipates that bigger opportunities are in store for him.

Furthermore, WWE is compensating Logan with a salary equivalent to that of the company’s flagship star, Roman Reigns. Both individuals are presently earning an annual talent base salary of $5 million. WWE is widely recognized for not renewing a wrestler’s contract or investing in them unless they foresee the possibility of future storylines.

In due time, WWE will unveil the next significant chapter in The Maverick’s career!

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