Floyd Mayweather brutally mocks Jake Paul for fighting 50-year-olds, adding, “He’s just a lot of talk”

Floyd Mayweather advises Jake Paul to stop fighting older opponents and instead fight some fighters who are still in their prime. The criticism about fighting the older opponents against the problem child is nothing new. It has been brought up several times, but after defeating the great Anderson Silva, now it has surfaces that no one can ignore.

In Arizona, the undefeated young boxer recently defeated Anderson Silva, putting on a solid performance and earning his first legitimate victory. However, among these accomplishments, many people and former athletes have criticized how he chose his opponent; because nearly all of his opponents were older and not at their peaks. 

Despite his criticism, Mayweather acknowledges what Paul has accomplished thus far in his career but does not agree with how he has done it. He believes that the social media persona should focus on fighters who are still competing in the ring rather than retired fighters. Moreover, he believes the 25-year-old is challenging him because he is also in the same category as the other “older opponents.”


Even so, Mayweather later added some lines about the issue at a recent exhibition stating, “He’s just a lot of talk,” he added. “It’s different when you’re facing boxers at the highest level; once you get in there with a real fighter, that person can really fight. Is he doing good? Absolutely. for whom he’s fighting Guys 50, guys 40 [the audience laughs]. Does he want to fight me? Of course, I’m nearly 50 years old, and of course, he wants to fight me.”

Prior to the fight with the Spider, the 45-year-old was challenged to a boxing match while filming himself on camera. He later tweeted the video in an attempt to catch the former professional boxer’s attention. If the fight takes place, the 25-year-old believes that both sides will make a lot of money because it will be one of the biggest fights ever. Mayweather, on the other hand, has yet to respond to the social media star’s proposal. Meanwhile, the social media sensation is preparing to enter the ring against Tommy Fury as his next opponent.


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