Floyd Mayweather reveals why bout vs Jake Paul failed to materialize after exhibition fight with brother Logan Paul

Gone are the glory days of Floyd Mayweather, the once undefeated champion who was fighting some of the biggest boxers in the world. After ‘retiring’ the American started taking on random exhibition matches against whoever as long as the money was right. Such a fight was also rumored against Jake Paul but ultimately didn’t materialize.

Floyd explains the reason for the cancellation, “We spoke to Jake Paul before and we can only do an exhibition because of the weight disadvantage. I can’t get to 190 pounds. If I could, I would, but I can’t, my body won’t allow it. I’m not chasing it anymore. I have accomplished everything I could in boxing.”

He further explained, “We have so many young fighters in boxing today. Give them a chance to go out there so they can shine. It’s not about Jake Paul, it’s not about Floyd Mayweather. I’m going to entertain the people. Support me and my opponent. In boxing, I had my time. When I choose to stop exhibitions, I will still support the sport of boxing. I’m a pioneer of being a boxer, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m playing chess in the real world. I’m truly blessed. I can’t take my opponent for granted. It’s entertaining.”

Why Floyd Mayweather should retire already!

At 55 years, Floyd looks more suited to become a full-time promoter. He was once a force to be reckoned with sure, but now the time has caught up to him. The respect his undefeated resume earned him is seemingly getting torn apart by himself. When he fights a rookie fighter like Logan Paul and doesn’t manage to score a KO, it looks really pathetic.

Jake Paul also seemingly moved on from the ‘Money’ fight and now is focusing his energy on verbally assaulting his next opponent Tommy Fury. He has also acquired a stake in PFL and is expected to compete in MMA soon.

Jake paul takes on ‘TNT’ Tommy Fury on February 26th.


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