“He literally fought for his money”: Stephen A. Smith’s tour at Floyd Mayweather’s mansion & luxury car collection surprised the Boxing world

Fans and the public in general are aware of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and his fondness for high-end automobiles. However, there was this particular occasion when Stephen A. Smith was stunned to witness Floyd’s expensive collection of cars after taking a tour of his luxurious mansion.

The American sports television presenter had the chance to take a good peek inside Mayweather’s garage at his Las Vegas property. Like the millions of viewers who enjoyed the movie, the seasoned journalist was astounded by Floyd’s luxurious car collection.

Floyd Mayweather frequently expressed his admiration for high-end automobiles. Money has been seen in his collection of million-dollar cars in numerous photos and videos. The undefeated boxer has previously claimed to have a collection of almost 100 automobiles.

Smith was given a tour by Floyd, who once more bragged about his magnificent vehicle collection. You might be shocked to learn which automobile brand he enjoys the best and keeps in his collection. You name it, Beautiful Boy has one in his garage, including Ferraris, Mercedes-Benz McLaren, G-Wagons, and Bentley coupes.

If anyone is wondering if the former professional boxer has finished collecting cars, the answer is no. Floyd is still actively adding additional high-end vehicles to his collection. Only in 2022, Floyd expanded his collection to include a Koenigsegg, a Porsche 911, and a Rolls Royce. The legendary boxer hopes to add a few more supercars this year.

How did fans react to Smith’s take on Floyd Mayweather?

After watching the Smith video on the ESPN Throwback channel, a viewer said, “He literally fought for the money,” which was the most fitting response. In fact, anyone would remark that Floyd’s moniker “Money” makes perfect sense after witnessing his collection of automobiles.

After defeating Conor McGregor in 2017 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Mayweather announced his retirement from professional boxing. However, the unbeaten boxer is still competing in exhibition matches and earning money from the sport. 

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