“His dad told me that years ago”: Roman Reigns recalls Dusty Rhodes words in post-match interview after dominating victory over Cody Rhodes

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns had to defend his title against Cody Rhodes in the main event of Wrestlemania 39. As anticipated this headliner title fight was extremely nail-biting and both wrestlers put on a great show for the audience at the SoFi stadium in California. 

However, Rhodes was unable to dethrone Reigns and The Tribal Chief had the final laugh as he finished the former with a spear and pinned him to defend his Undisputed WWE Universal title. It is needless to say that Cody Rhodes gave Roman Reigns a tough time inside the ring as the champion had to rely on the assistance of Usos to get past the hurdle.

Following his hard-fought victory over Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns was in high spirits. Thereafter The Tribal Chief sat down at the Wrestlemania Sunday Press Conference and made an interesting revelation. Speaking about his title run, Reigns reminisced about how Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes prophesied him emerging into one of the WWE’s greatest wrestlers.

“his isn’t a promo. I didn’t look in the mirror in the shower and come up with this stuff. This is as real as it gets. And the man I beat tonight, his dad told me that years ago. I’m the greatest of all time.”

Roman Reigns challenges anyone from the WWE roster to take his spot

Roman Reigns has been racking up wins over big names in dominant fashion for the past few years and has defended his undisputed WWE Universal title for over 945 days. Consequently, after his dominant win over Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania, The Tribal Chief has issued a challenge to everybody on the WWE roster.

“I’m challenging anybody. You can be a little kid right now, you can be running independents. You see what me and my family have done. I challenge you to outdo us. I want somebody to step up. I want somebody to take this spot from us. I want somebody to take the spotlight from us. Dominate, take the Island of Relevancy from me. Because if you don’t, we’re just gonna keep a chokehold on this game.”

Roman Reigns

It looked as if Cody Rhodes would be the one to outshine Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 39 and end his historic title. However, Reigns put on yet another world-class performance and successfully defended his belt in what was his sixth Wrestlemania main event fight.


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