“I am very happy that this fight is not happening” Oleksandr Usyk makes shocking admission after failed negotiations with Tyson Fury

Ukrainian boxing sensation Oleksandr Usyk has expressed his happiness over the collapse of his highly anticipated showdown with Tyson Fury for the undisputed heavyweight crown. Despite months of negotiations, the fight fell through due to Fury’s repetitive demands, leaving Usyk relieved to return home after an exhaustive training camp.

The failed negotiations for the Usyk vs Fury bout saw fans and pundits alike taking sides, with many blaming Fury for his unreasonable demands, including a 70/30 purse split and no rematch clause. This led to Usyk being left in a tricky spot, but the unified champion remains optimistic about his future prospects.

Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk and his Unexpected Blessing: Why He’s ‘Very Happy’ the Fury Fight Collapsed and What’s Next?

In a candid interview with Volodymyr Kobelkov on his YouTube channel, Usyk revealed that he sees the failed fight as a blessing in disguise. “I am very happy, by the way. Even though it sounds weird, I am very happy that this fight is not happening and I am going home. You’ve got to understand me, I trained for three months straight,” said Usyk.

He also ascribed the unexpected change of events to a higher force, noting, “It was supposed to happen, God tells me this was supposed to happen. I see that nothing is happening, he is trying to play with us, and I told him: ‘That’s it, goodbye. He wants to copy Muhammad Ali, but it’s a bad copy.”

While Usyk remains content with the collapse of the fight, Fury expressed his anger through a social media video rant, directing his frustration towards his Ukrainian rival. With the fight off, both fighters now have to look for other opportunities. Usyk has been ordered by the WBA to face Daniel Dubois, setting up an intriguing matchup for boxing fans.

Beyond the Ring: Greed, Promoters, and the Collapse of Usyk vs Fury – A Tale of Mixed Emotions

Fury’s father, John Fury, also chimed in on the failed fight, blaming promoters for the collapse. “Money speaks all languages, I think there has been a bit of greed coming from promoters. Especially Usyk’s lot, because to pull out over a rematch clause and I know the truth over that.

Tyson just said, “Okay give them what they want.” If both boys think they are going to win why not just fight?” declared Fury Sr. He criticized the complications caused by promoters and their focus on maximizing profits, which often hinder the making of highly anticipated fights.

In conclusion, while the Usyk vs Fury fight may have collapsed, it has brought about mixed emotions for both fighters. Usyk finds solace in returning home to Ukraine after a grueling training camp, crediting God for the turn of events.

Fury, on the other hand, expresses anger towards Usyk, while his father blames promoters for the failed negotiations. With Usyk now set to face Dubois, and Fury searching for his next opponent, the world of combat sports eagerly awaits the next chapter in this captivating saga.


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