“I call this a legitimate duck by Fury; he’s ducking Usyk”: Tim Bradley Jr. pressing allegation on Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk’s recent negotiations have forced Timothy Bradley Jr., the former two-division world champion, to share his candid opinion. The anticipated fight between the two boxers was expected to be the next undisputed Heavyweight title fight.

However, the negotiations abruptly ended, leaving fans disappointed worldwide. Many believe that Fury is to blame for the fight not taking place.

Tyson Fury

Bradley Jr. Accuses Tyson Fury of Ducking Usyk and Changing the Hurdles: Is Fury Really the Undisputed Heavyweight Champ?

Bradley Jr. has called Fury out for ducking Usyk and making it difficult for the negotiations to progress. In an interview with ESPN, Bradley Jr. stated, “Fury is the one to blame. I’m sick of the mess. I call this a legitimate duck by Fury; he’s ducking Usyk.”

According to him, Fury offered the 70/30 split without thinking Usyk would accept it. Bradley Jr. believes that Fury was changing the hurdles and moving the goalposts, leading to the negotiations falling apart.

Despite his criticism of Fury’s negotiating tactics, Bradley Jr. remains a fan of the Heavyweight. In an interview with ID Boxing, Bradley Jr. gave some witty responses when asked about Tyson Fury. He said, “A prayer and a wish,” when asked how one can beat Tyson Fury.

He added, “The dude that’s gonna beat Tyson Fury ain’t even born, so I don’t see Usyk beating him. I don’t see Joshua beating him. I don’t see anybody in the Heavyweight division touching Tyson Fury.”

The Great Undisputed Heavyweight Bout That Never Was: How Fury vs. Usyk Negotiations Left Fans Reeling

Fans globally were eagerly anticipating the Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk bout, which would have given the world its next undisputed champion in 30 years since Lennox Lewis. Nevertheless, the disappointment caused by the negotiations falling apart has left fans wondering what could have been.

Bradley Jr.’s insights and opinions into the matter shed some light on the potential reasons for the negotiations’ failure. 

In the high-stakes world of combat sports negotiations, there’s no room for “legitimate ducks.” And yet, in the case of Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, it seems that accusations of foul play have been flying faster than a Conor McGregor left hook.

Playing Hardball or Playing Chicken? The Fallout from Fury vs. Usyk Negotiations

While some may argue that Fury was merely playing hardball, others, like Timothy Bradley Jr., believe that he was actively avoiding the challenge of facing Usyk.

But regardless of who’s to blame for the negotiations falling apart, the fact remains that the combat sports world has been left reeling from the disappointment of what could have been an epic clash of champions. As Bradley Jr. himself put it, the fighter who will ultimately dethrone Tyson Fury may not even be born yet.

But until that day comes, fight fans can only continue to hope and dream of the kind of undisputed heavyweight showdown that has eluded us for way too long.


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