“I love to drink codeine and smoke weed”: Boxer Andy Ruiz’s account hacked, and scammers posted multiple videos accusing him of illegal methods to fool VADA

Andy Ruiz discovered yesterday that his Twitter account had been hacked, which put him in an unanticipated scenario.

Even though Ruiz was able to get his account back after much turmoil, he had to go through a lot because the hackers had already posted a lot of contentious things.

What did the hackers post on Andy Ruiz’s official Twitter account?

The Hackers created the impression that Andy was the one posting all of these. The 33-year-old boxer appeared to be admitting to using marijuana and illicit narcotics in the still photos and videos. Ruiz was embarrassed by several other contentious posts that were made. 

“I wanted to share with you what my life behind camp is really like! I love to drink codeine and smoke weed all day long.” hackers wrote. 

The Destroyer last fought in the ring in September 2022. He’s been hoping to make a return against none other than the heavyweight kingpin Tyson Fury. However, his fight against The Gypsy King is currently in jeopardy as they couldn’t come into an argument. 

“I also love purchasing prostitutes. After this is going to meetings to clean my blood to make sure to come out clean when VADA comes to my training camps.” hackers wrote. 

How did Andy Ruiz react to the hacking?

To save himself from the embarrassment, Ruiz had no choice but to post a video from his social media account to clear everything. The heavyweight thinks these are all part of his ex-girlfriend’s act as according to him, she’s just jealous of his happiness. 

“She’s trying to ruin my career. She can never do that. God has bigger plans for me. I don’t like people trying to make me look bad and trying to hate me and saying I did this or did that.” Ruiz said. 

Do you think the hacking will have any impact on Andy Ruiz’s career? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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