“I take ice baths too ya know” Ex-WWE superstar responds to Logan Paul, RAW Women’s champ taking ice bath on Kevin Hart’s show

The Paul brothers are no strangers to collaborating with celebrities. And now, the senior brother, Logan Paul will show up on Kevin Hart’s show to submerge himself in ice water. Former Raw Women’s Champion Bayley, however, was disappointed to not get the call.

Bayley seems to be genuinely interested in attending the show. Kevin Hart has a show named “Cold as B*lls” where he talks to celebrities while sitting in a bathtub filled with ice water. The Undertaker had the privilege to be on this show and share interesting conversational anecdotes.

Bayley responds by dropping insinuations towards Logan Paul appearance on Kevin Hart’s show

Following in the footsteps of The Undertaker, Logan Paul will take the stage. WWE has officially announced Logan as a participant in Kevin Hart’s show. The show will also feature current Raw Women’s champion, Bianca Belair.

Bayley seemed to have taken it to heart for this very specific reason. She felt that she could make rounds on that show. The show is just not about having conversations and getting interviewed by a renowned comedian like Kevin Hart. It is also about resilience and mental strength, to survive in the ice cold water. Bayley must have thought she had it in her to run the hard yards.

Bayley is undoubtedly a capable sportsperson. And she is in her own right to feel that way. Her fans also took to Twitter to voice their support for her.

Logan Paul is going to be the next WWE star to feature on Kevin Hart’s ice bath show

Kevin Hart has completed six seasons of this weird setup. The conversations with the sportspersons, however, have sometimes been profound while other times awkward and hilarious. The Undertaker made some admissions and observations on that show.

Logan Paul will have to do the same. The YouTuber turned wrestler is often outspoken. So the conversation part should not be his headache. The ice bath? It might be. Unlike Logan, it did become a headache for Bayley after seeing Bianca Belair getting appointed for this show, rather than her.

Just like Bayley fans, Bianca Belair fans took to social media to praise her. They could not refrain from taking a dig at her. The fans claimed Bianca to be a better champion than Bayley ever was, making her the top contender to make it into Kevin Hart’s show.

Have you watched any episodes of Kevin Hart’s “Cold as b*lls?”


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