“I’d love to talk to him”: Anthony Joshua’s promoter discloses rumours Ryan Garcia now free agent after Gervonta Davis loss

Promoter Eddie Hearn has recently expressed his interest in talking with rising boxing star Ryan Garcia if he becomes a free agent. Hearn, known for his work with Matchroom Boxing, sees potential in Garcia and would like to explore possible collaborations. This article will focus on Hearn’s desire to connect with Garcia and the opportunities that could arise from such a partnership.

Is Eddie Hearn going to pair up with Ryan Garcia?

Hearn has been keeping a close eye on Garcia’s career and is impressed with the young boxer’s talent and marketability. In a recent interview, Hearn mentioned that he would love to talk with Garcia if he were to become a free agent. He stated, “If Garcia is a free agent, I’d love to talk to him.”

Hearn believes that Garcia has the potential to become a major star in the boxing world. He sees Garcia’s charisma and skill as valuable assets that could help elevate the sport and attract new fans. Hearn is eager to discuss the possibility of working together and helping Garcia reach new heights in his career.

The promoter also chimed in on Garcia’s first professional boxing loss. Hearn said that Garcia got straight up and walked to his corner. He raised the question whether Garcia could have got. However, should he have got up? In a sensible world, Hearn thought “absolutely not.”

Hearn thought Garcia probably had a busted rib. The British promoter also poked jokes saying fighters are not you and me. He would not get up in any way. Rather, Hearn would have done a better job by rolling around the floor from the body shot.

Garcia is not a free agent, yet

As of now, Ryan Garcia is not a free agent. He is currently signed with Golden Boy Promotions, led by boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya. However, if Garcia were to become a free agent in the future, it’s clear that Hearn would be interested in exploring opportunities with the young fighter.

Garcia has already made a name for himself in the boxing world, boasting an impressive record and a growing fan base. His exciting fighting style and charismatic personality have caught the attention of fans and promoters alike, making him a sought-after talent in the sport.

If Garcia were to become a free agent and choose to work with Hearn, there could be numerous opportunities for the young boxer. Garcia succumbed to a defeat against Gervonta Davis. ‘Tank’ ended Garcia’s winning streak, extending his own streak to 29-0. Which is why, ‘KingRy’ may look for new avenues.

Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing has a strong roster of fighters and a reputation for putting on high-profile events. A partnership with Hearn could potentially lead to bigger fights and increased exposure for Garcia.

Additionally, Hearn’s experience and connections in the boxing world could help Garcia secure lucrative deals and endorsements. With Hearn’s guidance, Garcia could continue to build his brand and further establish himself as a top contender in the sport.

As Garcia continues to make waves in the boxing world, it’s clear that promoters like Hearn are taking notice. Whether or not a collaboration between the two materializes, Garcia’s talent and charisma are sure to keep him in the spotlight as he continues to climb the ranks in the sport.

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