“I’m tough only when I need to be” Ryan Garcia takes jab at Gervonta Davis following nightclub altercation ahead of 2023 bout

Another new day, another new instance of Boxers struggling to keep their fights inside the ring. Fortunately this time the victim was not a regular civilian, rather two rival fighters Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis nearly got into a fight. The security was quick to step in and nip the conflict in the bud.

Ryan is an upcoming prospect in the super lightweight division with an undefeated 23-fight winning streak. Garcia fought for 85 rounds thus far and has an impressive KO rate of 82.61%. Rocking the orthodox stance with a height of 5 foot 10 inches and a reach of 70″, Ryan is a nightmare for shorter opponents like Gervonta Davis.

Gervonta on the other hand is the current Lightweight champ for WBA with a jaw-dropping winning streak of 27. Davis fought for a total of 114 rounds thus far and managed to KO/TKO 25 out of his 37 opponents. The ‘Tank’ fights in the Southpaw stance and has a height of 5 foot 5 and a half inches along with 67 and a half inch reach. What the American lacks in height and reach, he more than makes up for with his tremendous knockout power.

What happened at the club?

Ryan Garcia was in a nightclub on a Saturday when he noticed his potential opponent Gervonta Davis. ‘King Ry’ decided to mess around a bit and approached Davis with a friend. There the superlightweight prodigy asked the Lightweight champ where their fight would take place. ‘Tank’ unfortunately didn’t understand Ryan’s gesture or maybe wasn’t just in the mood.

Garcia describes the transpiring events as, “I guess he got offended by that, Got all worked up.” The WBA champ managed to grab a hold of his rival’s chain and the possibility of a fight breaking out arose. But ‘King Ry’ managed to hold his composure and didn’t let the situation get out of hand. 

“There’s so many security guards there, I knew he wasn’t gonna take my chain or do anything really. He just wanted to seem tough.” claimed the Californian while talking on an Instagram live (Via: TMZ)

Garcia’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya wants to make this fight happen and fans can’t wait.


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