“It needs to stop” Gabriel Jesus condemns racist remark towards Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr

Arsenal continued their winning streak despite losing to Manchester United for the only time this season, and they overcame their limitations with a convincing victory at Brentford yesterday, thanks to Gabriel Jesus, William Saliba and new recruit Fabio Vieira.

The celebration of the Brazilian made the headlines as he imitated the dance moves made by Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr. a few days ago, which were severely ridiculed by some elite soccer personnel.

How did Gabriel Jesus respond to those who criticized him for defending Vinicius Jr.? 

A lot to discuss during Brentford vs Arsenal, but Gabriel Jesus’ post-goal celebration cannot be overlooked and the talented Brazilian for the Gunners performed a rendition of Vinicius Jr.’s goal dance, a tribute that was all the more emotional given the sadness and racial hostility shown against the Real Madrid player this week.

In honor of Vinicius Jr., a Real Madrid player, Gabriel Jesus has commemorated his most recent Arsenal goal and after a 4-1 victory against Mallorca, Pedro Bravo, president of the Spanish Agents Association, advised the Real Madrid prodigy to “stop playing the monkey” on the contentious El Chiringuito Television and the Brazilian football elite were among those to come to the 22-year-defense old’s after the statement, which has been roundly criticized but the remarks on social media prompted Vinicius to reply, “They think that happiness worries.”

Jesus wasn’t the only Premier League player to criticize the remarks; following Tottenham’s 6-2 victory over Everton, the star admitted that he had texted Bravo in a rage about the remarks and while competing for the Gunners in their 3-0 Premier League victory against Brentford, Jesus, went over to the Arsenal supporters and began dancing, much to the pleasure of the crowd and after the remarks were made, the striker also posted on social media with the translated message, “Dance, Vini!”

PSG superstar Neymar also defended Vinicius Jr. as well, stating, “Dribble, dance and be yourself, happy to be who you are! Go for the top, my friend, we will dance on your next goal.” The Brazil skipper made this remark as he wanted to bolster the confidence of his national team squad member ahead of the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Last but not the least, Brazilian all time legend Pele showed his support to Vinicius by quoting, “Football is joy. It’s a dance. It’s a real party. Although racism still exists, we will not allow that to stop us from continuing to smile. And we will continue to fight racism this way: fighting for our right to be happy.”


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