Jake Paul rules out fresh demands to fight in the UK despite agreeing to do exhibition match

Jake Paul has now gone back on his words. The fighter had first publicly announced that he would fight his arch nemesis, KSI another boxing influencer. The much-anticipated fight between them was expected to garner wide fan attention as both the boxing icons are very popular in the world of combat sports.

Jake Paul and KSI have gone back and fourth a lot of times on public platforms, with Jake even agreeing to let KSI be the A side and do an exhibition fight in the UK which is KSI’s home turf. But the turn of incidents now suggest otherwise as Jake Paul makes changes in his conditions.

Jake Paul makes new demands for him to fight in the UK

Jake has now changed his perspective on the rules and regulations proposed for the JP vs KSI fight. He now insists that he would only have a bout in the UK if it were under govt regulatory boxing bodies and would not engage in a fight if it was going to be an exhibition fight against KSI.

A boxing fans were angered over these statements from him, as everyone is eager to see the two iconic boxing influencers go head-to-head. The buildup for this fight has been going for a long time and a cancellation resulting in fan disappointment is only natural. The fans also see this as potentially being the end game of the influencer boxing scene.

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Whether Jake Paul’s demands will be met remains to be seen but fans were totally raged to watch JP back out on his previous challenge.

Boxing fans criticize Jake Paul’s hypocrisy after his new demands

Jake Paul has always been a very smart person with the fights he selects and the way he markets them. A year ago he knew KSI was not willing to fight, that’s when he decided to publicly call out KSI, at the moment KSI had no choice but to decline the offer.

But after Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul, KSI became the A side and to try to have any edge over the fight negotiations, Jake went back on his word and said he would only fight under a professional boxing body.

His recent comments have infuriated a lot of cross over boxing fans who are now calling him a hypocrite for going back on his words. They are also claiming that he is finding ways to duck out the fight against KSI.

“Oh yes. More excuses.”, one user wrote.

Another wrote, “To you it might be important. To the public it does not make any difference. All we want is 10oz gloves, 8 rounds, pro rules in the UK KSI VS JAKE PAUL If you are about it FIGHT KSI and then go back to having pro fights with retired mma fighters.”

As KSI fights tommy fury on October 14th, what do you think about a possible bout with Jake Paul? Stay tuned with us for more latest details.

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