Jake Paul sheds light on what’s wrong on KSI’s misfit boxing organization: “Do proper f*** training camp, get f*** good and respect the sport”

Jake Paul, the YouTube star-turned-boxer, has criticized KSI’s Misfits Boxing, stating that the fights are more like a circus than real boxing. KSI’s promotion mainly consists of social media influencers and celebrities fighting in events that are broadcast on the streaming service DAZN.

Paul stated in his own words, “I’m not against entertainment. I’m just against the lack of respect for the sport of boxing. Do proper f*****g training camps, fight in six rounds, and get f*** good.” He also stated that he is not interested in promoting personalities like Misfits Boxing does, but rather in promoting actual boxers who have dedicated their lives to the sport.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul: Separating the Fighters from the Fakers in Boxing’s New Era

According to Paul, the addition of influencer boxing added credibility to the sport of boxing and brought in more fans. However, Paul believes that Misfits’ current direction is not good for boxing as they have introduced tag-team boxing and have fighters competing in only two or three rounds. Paul is not against entertainment, but he wants the promotion to respect the sport by doing a proper training camp, fighting in six rounds, and getting good at the sport. Unlike KSI, Paul promotes actual boxers and is not interested in promoting personalities.

Through his promotion company, Most Valuable Promotions, Paul has launched the Most Valuable Prospect series to find the next big boxing talent. While Misfits Boxing may have brought more attention to boxing through their celebrity and influencer fights, Jake Paul believes that the focus should remain on actual boxing and the respect it deserves. In his own promotion, Most Valuable Promotions, Paul is looking to find and promote the next generation of real boxers who have been fighting their entire lives, rather than just personalities. He aims to give them a professional platform to showcase their skills and help them achieve the paydays they deserve.

Paul’s Warning: Misfits Boxing Risks Losing Boxing’s True Essence as Spectacle Takes Over

On the flip side, Misfits Boxing matches have come under fire for being seen as more of a show than a sport. Paul notes that the addition of tag-team boxing and fights with short rounds and different weight classes don’t align with the traditional structure and integrity of boxing. To put it in perspective, Jake Paul’s criticism of KSI’s Misfits Boxing highlights the need for boxing to remain true to its roots and for fighters to respect the sport.

While Misfits Boxing has increased awareness of the sport, it is crucial for organizations to preserve its integrity and make sure that it is not merely a show for spectator amusement.

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