Jake Paul’s getting brutally mocked by fans for throwing ‘weak punches’ at WWE Crown Jewel

Jake Paul made his debut today at Crown Jewel to assist his older brother, Logan Paul, with the entry song “It’s Everyday Bro.” However, his tactics in the ring against The Bloodline were highly questionable, which triggered fans on social media to mock the YouTuber-turned-pro boxer.

Earlier, at the main event of Crown Jewel, The Problem Child was set to make his first-ever entrance into WWE. Because of The Bloodline, who were to help Roman whenever he needed. For that sole reason, Triple H finalize the decision and gave Jake permission to assist his older brother.

As expected, the 25-year-old made his entrance when The Usos arrived to help their tribal chief and began beating up Logan’s buddies in the ring. The social media presence made his entry with “It’s Everyday Bro” playing in the background as a tribute to Logan. However, fans on social media are already criticizing the undefeated 6-0 boxer for his poor actions on the stage.


The criticism from fans was mainly about the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s poor punches. As a pro boxer, every fan expected the younger Paul to be great in the wrestling ring, but it was nothing alike. Many fans are also stating that the Jake Paul scene was the most disappointing part of the whole main event.

As of speaking, a YouTube star just defeated one of the legends of MMA on Saturday. His early boxing career is looking better than ever. Next, he is gearing up for Tommy Fury, as he later announced. However, there will be some actions between The Bloodline and The Paul Brothers, so the wrestling career isn’t over yet for the young boxing prospect.


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