Jude Bellingham lashes out at Lisandro Martinez after dangerous slide tackle during Real Madrid vs Manchester United pre-season friendly

A highly spirited football player can become even more motivated if he wears the badges of teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid. Indeed, both teams have their names engrained in the sands of time, and over the years, they have both attracted the greatest talents in the world. Hence, it is far from a surprise that when teams of this status go toe to toe, it is an inevitable ‘clash of the titans.’

Football is a ‘contact sport,’ where players launch mild tackles against the opponent during play. But at what point does such a tackle become malicious and dangerous? Did Lisandro Martinez cross the line when he tackled his opponent the way he did? And ultimately, is Jude Bellingham off to a great start at Real Madrid with his incredible chip over Andre Onana?

Jude Bellingham furiously confronts Lisandro Martinez

As expected, the game between Real Madrid and Manchester United in Houston was quite competitive. It was an opportunity for players of both sides to show their character and resilience in high-profile games. Hence, some ‘big-game players will come out highly spirited, representing the badge as passionately as possible. 

Lisandro Martinez is considered one of the best center-backs in Europe, following his exploits in the 2022 World Cup and a great first season at Manchester United. Despite his height, the 25-year-old Argentine has proven to the world and Manchester United what a great asset he can be in the defense department. He comes off occasionally as aggressive when he discharges his defense duties. Still, it is common knowledge that modern football center-backs are expected to not only be tactical in using the ball but are also encouraged to display some aggression. 

The 2022 World Cup winner was penalized in the first half of the pre-season game against Real Madrid after he launched a slide tackle that caught Jude Bellingham in his feet, knocking him completely off the ball. The referee immediately showed the Argentine defender a yellow card for his challenge, but it did not end there. Though uninjured and ungrazed by the attack, Jude Bellingham stood up furiously to Martinez to challenge him for the reckless tackle. 

Jude Bellingham

Both players were immediately separated by the referee and other players to prevent an escalation of the matter into a bigger ruckus.

Jude Bellingham scores with a delightful chip over Andre Onana

It is usually said that one needs to start as they mean to go on. It was Bellingham’s first goal for Real Madrid and Onana’s debut for Manchester United at NRG Stadium in Houston in the early hours of July 27, 2023. It can be said that both players are off to a great start at their respective sides after they put up a sterling performance in the game. Jude Bellingham recorded his first goal for Real Madrid, while Andre Onana conveniently showcased his excellent ball distribution and made some crucial saves again. 

The English superstar made his long-awaited move to Real Madrid in the summer transfer window, and he’s been an absolute delight to Real Madrid fans. It was an even greater delight when he scored a sublime chipped ball against Andre Onana. 

Indeed, it is the inception of a glorious time for the 20-year-old at Real Madrid. The world is aware of the player’s great potential. As the new football season begins, the spotlight shines on him to perform at the great level he’s familiar with. 



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