KingRy vs Tank: Numbers show that Ryan Garcia has better odds knocking out Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia Vs Gervonta Davis debates are heating up as the fight night approaches. While a lot of the predictions are inclined towards Davis, numbers suggest that Ryan Garcia has a better chance of knocking Davis out. Surprising? Well, buckle up for a dive deep into the numbers.

Ryan Garcia has been acclaimed for his furiously fast hands. Numbers say that it is no gimmick. He actually packs punches. According to Compubox Punch Stats by BoxingScene ‘King Ry’ has managed to land a staggering 80% of his power-packed punches in the very first round.

Ryan Garcia packs power punches and he packs them good!

Let’s take a look at some of his fight stats. Garcia landed 43.2%, 45.2%, and 44% power punches on average, against Luke Campbell, Javier Fortuna and Emmanuel Tangle respectively.

In comparison, Davis landed 40.4%, 32.9%, and 40.9% of power punches on average, against Hector Luis Garcia, Rolando Romero, and Issac Cruz respectively.

Does Ryan Garcia keep up the punches with rounds? Numbers don’t lie

Garcia’s prowess in power punch delivery just does not end here. Clearly, he managed a higher percentile of power punches in his last three fights in comparison with ‘Tank’. What makes Garcia stand out is his incredible ability to increase the percentage as the rounds progress.

Take the Fortuna fight for example: Garcia managed a measly 33.33% of power punches in the first round. The numbers, all of a sudden, start to rack up; he achieves a staggering 60.6% and 80% of power punches in the fourth and sixth rounds respectively.

In a high-octane bout against someone like Davis, Garcia’s ability to increase the number of power punches is definitely going to pay dividends.

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia smoked Javier Fortuna with his staggeringly high amount of power punches

One thing is for sure, ‘Tank’ absorbs punches and stands tall, doing justice to his nickname. The rudimentary stats say that Davis has more knockouts than Garcia. Davis has a jaw-dropping 26 knockouts out of 28 wins whereas Garcia managed 19 knockouts out of 23 wins.

However, Garcia can be backed up by delving deeper into the stats. In his fight against Roland Romero, Davis managed a knockout victory in the sixth round. He managed 32.9% of power punches on average in each round.

If we take a sixth-round knockout victory into account, Garcia steams ahead in full blow. In his win against Santa Cruz, he managed 54.8% of power punches on the average up until that sixth round, which compared to Davis is 21.9% higher!

Where can Gervonta Davis make KingRy suffer?

It is to be noted that Davis heavily relies on his boxing IQ, and buys his time to deliver power punches. Whereas Garcia places immense faith in his fast punches and stamina

In a tense bout, Garcia can avail services of his electrifying pace and force Davis into making mistakes. This may lead to tiring Davis out as well. This is why, Garcia might have a better knockout probability, inferred from the stats.

Then again, Davis is an incredible defender. He knows to take a punch. On the other hand, Garcia notoriously fires blanks on his jabs. Being the taller one, Garcia’s astounding jab miss rate of 77% against Fortuna will raise eyebrows.

If this translates to his fight against Davis as well, Garcia may find himself in dangerous waters. Davis showed against a six feet tall Mario Barrios how well he can defend against taller boxers. If Davis can buy his time well in the ring, knockout may become a moot point.

Who do you think will be victorious between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis?


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