Logan Paul, KSI’s hydration drink Prime contains six times higher caffeine exceeding permitted level in Australia

Hydration drinks Prime, which was a huge success for Logan Paul and KSI in the UK, has now also been marketed in Australia. However, it was eventually discovered that Prime contains an amount of caffeine that is six times greater than the threshold permitted in Australia.

The beverage business was rocked last year in the UK by the meteoric rise in sales of Prime Hydration Drink, which was developed by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI. The internet influencers collaborated with the creation, marketing, and promotion of the drink, making it an instant hit among young people.

According to official reports, it has been revealed that Prime contains 56 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, which is significantly higher than the threshold limit in Australia. According to the regulations in Australia and New Zealand, soft drinks and energy drinks can have as much as 32 milligrams of caffeine per one hundred milliliters.

Paul recently signed a major contract with Dana White’s UFC after he and KSI made their energy drink PRIME the official beverage partner of the promotion. The 27-year-old proudly announced that he and KSI’s invention, PRIME, had been named the official sports drink of one of the largest MMA promotion firms in the world which is one of his top three career highlights.

With the UFC on board, Logan has announced that his energy drink Prime will be present in all sections of the event, from the corners to the ring to the weigh-ins. Advertising for Prime energy drinks will be shown during the fights, he added.

After teaming up with the UFC, YouTube star Logan Paul jetted to Australia two weeks ago to host a meet-and-greet for fans and distribute free Prime drinks to his fans in advance of UFC 284, which took place at Perth, Australia’s RAC Arena on February 12, 2023.

Yet, Logan can sell his beverage under the guise of a “dietary supplement,” and this is what made it possible for his beverage to be sold in Australia. According to The Food Standards website, ‘The caffeine content of [energy drinks] is from guarana which is legally a food in the Australian regulations and so escapes the restrictions placed on addition of caffeine.’ 


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