Logan Paul speaks out on Lele Pons’ $20 Million WWE Claim and his contract expiration after Seth Rollins fight at WrestleMania 39

The YouTuber-turned-wrestler Logan Paul is going to make his return to the squared circle in the upcoming WrestleMania. However, just a few days before the blockbuster wrestling event of the year, Maverick talked about his contract renewal possibility with WWE and also addressed the Lele Pons deal. 

What did Logan Paul say about his contract expiration with WWE?

Logan made his professional wrestling debut almost exactly a year ago. The online influencer has accomplished something in just one year that he can be very proud of. Maverick garnered a lot of followers despite the fact that mainstream wrestling audiences were not particularly fond of him because of his limited number of appearances in the squared circle.

However, as his contract is coming to an end, it is unsure whether he will renew the deal or not. According to WWE officials, they had a short-term plan for the YouTube sensation but it hasn’t been revealed whether Logan is going to be a permanent face in the WWE roster. Logan recently addressed the issue in his podcast. 

“It’s so crazy. It’s like the epitome of everything that I was doing my entire life. I want to lean into it. My contract ends this WrestleMania. My rookie year is about to be up. It was a good rookie year.” Paul said. 

What did Logan Paul say about Lele Pons’ $20 Million WWE offer?

In one of the recent episodes of Logan’s podcast ‘Impulsive’ celebrity YouTuber Lele Pons and her husband Guaynaa came as a guest. In response to Logan’s suggestion that if they can form a tag team in WWE, The Venezuelan-American YouTuber claimed that WWE had actually made her a huge $20 million offer, which she had turned down. 

Later on, it turned out that nothing actually happened between Pons and WWE officials. As Logan verified the information and found out that WWE did not actually make such an offer. As Maverick is in need of a new contract, one of his co-hosts joked about Pon’s claim saying, “we need a renewal trying to get you those Lele Pons numbers.”

Logan, who looked surprised knowing that Pons got such a hefty offer from the world’s biggest wrestling organization, now says he had serious doubts about the offer. 

“I knew that [the claim wasn’t true]. I didn’t think anyone would take it serious,”

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