Manchester United Legend David Beckham reportedly exploring ownership opportunities at Son Romeo’s club, Brentford

David Beckham has always been known for his extraordinary talent on the field, but in recent times, he has made his name as one of the best businessmen in football too. Since Beckham’s entry into Inter Miami’s boardroom, he has driven the club to new heights, giving the club Lionel Messi as a signing

However, his son Romeo Beckham’s parent club, Brentford, needs investors to buy stakes in the club. Brentford owner Mathew Benham has put an unspecified minority stake up for sale, with the club valuation being £400 million, and has reportedly intrigued David Beckham. Romeo being in Brentford might end up playing a huge role in this saga.

Beckham reportedly eyes minority stake in Brentford

David Beckham has been looking to buy stakes in the Premier League and has expressed the desire in the past. There were rumors of him wanting to become the owner of his former club Manchester United. However, he is back in the news relating to stakes in a Premier League club, but this time it is Brentford.

Brentford very recently revealed that owner Mathew Benham, while fully committed to Brentford, was open to selling minority stakes in the club and is looking for potential suitors. A club spokesperson stated, “Given the recent rise and growth of our club and the changing shareholder landscape within the Premier League, it’s no surprise that there has been interest in investment opportunities at Brentford FC.”

This opportunity comes as an attractive one for many investors wanting to own a Premier League club, including David Beckham, who has stamped himself as someone with a knack for business. Beckham has already made Inter Miami a super hit in the USA, with season tickets sold out already

With Inter Miami’s success in generating revenue and winning silverware in the form of Leagues Cup at the same time, Beckham would want to bring his boardroom skills to England. 

What percentage of Inter Miami does David Beckham own?

While David Beckham continues to be the face of Inter Miami off the field and in the boardroom, the former England international only holds a small part of Inter Miami’s stakes. 

Majority stakes in Inter Miami, which amount to 90% in total, are held by the Mas Brothers, Jose and Jorge, and the remaining 10% stakes of the club are owned by David Beckham. Jose is currently leading the multinational company MasTec, while his brother Jorge is the current President of club Real Zaragoza in Spain. 

Do you think David Beckham should invest in Brentford, or should he wait for an opening at Manchester United? Comment your take below. 


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