“Mastery is a funny thing” Andrew Tate’s shocking remarks on Elon Musk after getting unbanned from Twitter sparks uproar

The most recent Twitter development has sparked considerable debate. Some accounts that were previously blocked by the media have been reinstalled on Twitter. Furthermore, a new function known as “verification subscription” has become a widespread worry. In that scenario, Andrew Tate just got freed from his Twitter ban.

Since Elon Musk took over as CEO of Twitter, a lot has changed. The majority of the modifications, however, were controversial and unpopular with the general people. There have also been several reports of staff departing as a result of the new changes. One of the critical adjustments was the reinstatement of previously blocked Twitter accounts. The controversial change brought Andrew Tate to the platform. Tate was taken aback by the change since he had been permanently banned for his provocative views.


The ex-kickboxer made some really unpleasant comments earlier this year. After he made several derogatory remarks about women and referred to them as “property,” he was virtually banned from all social media. The internet celebrity admitted in a 2021 interview that he was using his ladies as “assets” (property) to launch a camgirl company.  People assume that his perspective of the world based on a bias towards women led to his downfall.

Despite being prohibited from all social media platforms, the founder of SpaceX’s new version of “Twitter” just granted Tate another chance on the platform. He recently made a tweet after being released from suspension. In his most recent tweet, he stated, “Mastery is a strange thing. On a long enough time period, it’s almost as if losing isn’t an option. Wudan operates in this manner.” People are overly outraged by Elon’s recent decision.


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