Mikuru Asakura offers an emotional note after his loss in an exhibition bout vs Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather, 45, an undefeated former world champion and legendary boxer, knocked out Mikur Asakura, a 30 years old MMA fighter and YouTuber who fights in Verizon. On Sunday, Asakura got the chance of his life to go up against the greatest boxer of all time, who still possesses formidable skills to conquer in any ring.

Floyd seems to be getting older, but his speed is still top-notch, which he has demonstrated in this fight as well, even though he was struck a few times but wouldn’t throw out of the flow. He’s just doing what he loves, boxing anybody at this point and making money.

The majority of the fights were encompassed by swoons, especially who was going to take the outside step, which was the thing going into this fight between Asakura and Mayweather.

Does the heartbreaking feeling after the terrible defeat against Mayweather really tear apart the mixed martial artist, or does he take it as his greatest motivation to grow further? No more add-ons, Let’s dive into the story.

Mikuru Asakura, WHY emotional!!


With great showmanship and aggressiveness, Asakura landed a solid body shot on Floyd in the opening round and avoided Floyd’s counter right hand. However, the difference in the two fighters’ ability to step to the outside was evident, as Asakura was able to take long strides from a distance that Floyd could not effectively counter.

After a monotonous first round in which Asakura landed several body blows, striking with lefts and rights to Mayweather’s head multiple times from a southpaw stance which brought him some success in the second round.

But Mayweather, just inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, responded with his heavy strikes. He delivered a strong right to the body just before the finish, then set up Asakura for the huge right at the second-round bell, which ultimately ended the bout as his former welterweight foe Manny Pacquaio watched at ringside.

The referee allowed Asakura to stand, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to the next round since the fight had been ruled a knockout in favor of Mayweather. Thus, it plainly demonstrates the reason behind the Japanese MMA and YouTube stars’ heart-touching social media notes.

In contrast, Mayweather expressed gratitude to all of Japan by saying, “I would like to thank the whole country of Japan, unbelievable country, unbelievable people.” “an exciting, incredible turnout.”

“Thanks for having me,” the legend told the crowd. “I’ll be back.”

Mayweather said that he wanted to engage in other joint ventures with Rizin as well as bring exhibition fights to the United States. He has another exhibition set for Dubai later this year.


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