Months after major spinal surgery, ex-WWE boss Vince McMahon’s recent appearance raises questions about his health condition

After allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money payments surfaced in 2022, Vince McMahon resigned as CEO of WWE. Despite being the subject of an inquiry and undergoing emergency spine surgery in July, the TKO agreement proceeded.

Even facing a potentially fatal illness at the age of 78, he had no plans to step down from his position as executive chairman of TKO Group Holdings. On September 12th, during the WWE-UFC merger, Vince McMahon appeared to be doing well. Consequently, many questions have been raised about his health.

McMahon attends TKO Group holdings launch post-spinal surgery

The merger between WWE and UFC organizer Endeavor has been concluded, becoming TKO Group Holdings. More than a billion people worldwide tune in to one of TKO’s 350 yearly live events. Former WWE CEO and current TKO executive chairman Vince McMahon, who owns 16.4 percent of the corporation, used a cane to climb the stairs at the most recent TKO meeting, but he didn’t let it dampen his excitement. Despite WWE President Nick Khan and TKO CEO Ari Emanuel being in attendance, he did not receive a loud welcome when introduced. The crowd applauded him after he said, “You’re learning.”

Vince McMahon

PWInsider says Vince McMahon was forceful at the meeting. McMahon didn’t socialize with staff following the meeting, unlike other CEOs. A large crew recorded the WWE headquarters meeting in Stamford, Connecticut. The executives entered on the old “WWE Raw” set. After the WWE-UFC merger on September 12, Endeavor laid off roughly 100 WWE staffers.

Instead, people are worried about the new look of WWE’s executive chairman. People who know him in the community say that he isn’t getting better enough to run the business because of the dire state his health is.

McMahon underwent spinal surgery back in July

At the age of 77, Vince McMahon once again assumed control of WWE in 2022. Wrestling had taken a toll on his body, leading to serious spinal health issues. At the end of July 2023, he opted for surgery in New York City to decompress his lumbar spine and fuse the vertebrae together, relieving pressure on his spinal cord. The operation may impact his WWE career, and he has not provided a comeback date. McMahon has expressed his intention to return, but his recent post-op appearance has left his fans concerned.

What do you anticipate will happen now that he has resumed formal authority and begun the required process? Share your opinion in the comments. 


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