Muslim football fans to voice awareness against Islamophobia as French President Emmanuel Macron is set to attend match vs Morocco

The French sports minister confirmed that President Emmanuel Macron will travel to Qatar on Wednesday to attend France’s match against Morocco in the 2022 FIFA World Cup semi-finals.

Social media influencer Mahamoud Al Hasanat earlier broke the news of the arrival of Macron. The activist has urged fans to support and respect the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad during France’s semi-final match against Morocco on Wednesday.

Hasanat called Muslim supporters to stand in solidarity with the greatest man the world has ever seen. “I hope to hear from Moroccan fans shaking the stands during the France-Morocco match, sending prayers to the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.” He tweeted about it.

Author and former Al Jazeera Media Network employee Boutaina Azzabi Ezzaouia supported Hasanat’s action and evocation by sharing his now-deleted tweet.

“Dear fellow Moroccans raise your voices, saleew ala Nabi Mohammed, this coming match against France. Let President Emmanuel Macron & his entourage know that we let nobody insult our beloved Prophet,” she wrote in an Instagram post on Monday.

France has a long-unresolved international problem with anti-Arab and Islamophobic sentiment, thanks to Macron’s claim that Islam is a “crisis” religion. It turned out that minorities, particularly Muslims, were targeted and treated inhumanely in France.

Lately, Several French mosques have also been raided and closed down. It was also proven that insulting Prophet Muhammad was unacceptable.

Muslim activists protested the French government’s enforcements and immediately boycotted all French products.

France will face Morocco in the semi-finals on December 14th at Al Bayt Stadium. It remains to be seen whether Macron’s presence on the gallery during the semi-final will be sparking or not, but the atmosphere will undoubtedly be electric.

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