“My leg was about to snap”: Buddy Matthews details painful experience involving Rhea Ripley

Buddy Matthews and Rhea Ripley are partners in real life after getting engaged last year. Both wrestlers compete for rival brands, AEW and WWE. We already knew Ripley to be highly competitive, but now a tweet has revealed the pair will partake in sparring in their real lives too.

Ripley had earlier spoken about being willing to take on anyone, so it’s no surprise that there are a few bouts between her partners during their free time. Ripley is part of the infamous group ‘The Judgement Day’ on WWE, where she frequently takes shots at her opponent wrestlers, often costing them their matches.

Buddy Matthews reveals intriguing details about sparring with Rhea Ripley

Recently, Matthews tweeted about an incident on X where he spoke about a bout with his partner. Apparently, he had Ripley in a triangle choke and pressured her to let go. But being the champion she is, Ripley held on, causing Matthews to release her. In fact, things became too intense for the AEW star when he felt his leg getting ‘snapped’ at one point.

Rhea Ripley spoke about the same incident on Paul Logan’s podcast. She admitted herself as ‘stubborn’ which admittedly is an advantage for her in situations like this. Ripley held on long enough until Matthews got tired and let go of the grip. That’s when she overpowered him and pinned him.

In the podcast, Ripley also speaks about her high school and how she got an infamous nickname. It seems the Australian was not someone to back down right from her school days.

Rhea Ripley discusses Buddy Matthews’ support

The eradicator spoke about her partner’s support in her career as well. Buddy Matthews was previously contracted with WWE between 2013 and 2021. He signed up with the All Elites after getting released from his contract.

Ripley states that he is not fussed about her success in WWE. She recognizes that WWE is more popular than AEW and that Matthews is totally okay with it. He knows the level that she can reach in solo championships, and supports her fully.

During the podcast, she was also asked about her equation with Dominik Mysterio in WWE and how Buddy feels about it. To which she says, ‘He’s so chill with it, and like, he loves Dom as well.’ 

However, she revealed that she would not handle things well if she was on the receiving end of them. Apparently, she gets really jealous, and Matthew would have a hard time doing such an onscreen story arc. 

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