Neymar Jr’s €150,000 donation reduced Dani Alves’ prison sentence after allegedly found guilty of s*xual assault

Dani Alves is one of the most accomplished players in the world of football, having won numerous cups and trophies in his 22-year football career. The title of most decorated player was removed from him after he was dethroned by his fellow Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi after he won the Leagues Cup 2023 with Inter Miami.

However, despite being one of the most decorated players ever, he isn’t out of the law system. The Brazilian was recently found guilty of sexual assault and was sentenced to nine years in prison. To aid him in this dire situation, one of his former teammates has come forward with a substantial donation.

Neymar Jr provides €150,000 aid to Dani Alves

On February 22nd, the Court gave its verdict, finding Dani Alves guilty of raping a woman on the night of December 30, 2022. As per the reports, the prosecution was in favor of a 9-year prison sentence, while the victim wanted at least 12 years. Despite this, Neymar’s intervention, who came to Alves aid, deposited a sum of €150,000, which ultimately led to the reduction of the sentence to four and a half years and a five-year’ probation sentence.

Many fans have shared their opinion over Neymar’s aid to Alves. Most of the fans have criticized the act of the Brazilian winger, Neymar, as “rich justice.” However, reports suggest that due to being under custody, Dani’s accounts are frozen and so in order to pay the fine, Neymar’s family came into aid of Alves.

Details on Dani Alves s*xual assault case

The case dates back to January 2023, when Dani Alves was arrested on the charge of s*xual assault. Since then, Alves has been held in pre-trial detention. As per the Guardian, an unknown woman, referred to as the victim, gave her testimony before the court that she met Alves in the nightclub after midnight. She then accompanied Alves to the VIP area, where she was s*xually assaulted by the football star. She said, ” I resisted but he was much stronger.”

Two women who are referred to as the victim’s friends also confirmed the fact that when the victim came outside the VIP area, she was distressed and told them that Alves had “hurted her badly.”

Initially, Alves denied the fact that he knows the victim but when the video camera was presented before the court, he admitted that he knew her. He gave a vivid explanation before the court of why he initially refused to identify the victim. He stated that he wanted to save his marriage, as he believed the situation could lead to divorce with his wife. Later on, his ex-wife Joana also confirmed that Dani Alves smelled of alcohol when he returned home on December 30, 2022.

After listening to all the testimonies given by the witnesses, the court finally reached the conclusion that Dani Alves will be sentenced to a prison sentence of 4 and a half years and a hefty fine of €150,000.

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