Recalling when Jake Paul’s Party Led to Party Goers Being Unable to Walk & Hospitalized

As weird it may sound, controversial Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul is making most of the headlines in the world of boxing. The 25-year old regularly makes the headlines either by calling out people, or by being called out. Jake, who is also a promoter, boasts a 5-0 record inside the ring although there have been doubts about the credibility of his opponents. 

His surge in the boxing arena might suggest that “The Problem Child” has always led a life of discipline, and hard work, that is far from the truth. Prior to boxing, he was involved in quite a few controversies. One such controversial incident occurred when Jake threw a party at his mansion at Calabasas in 2019. The party was thrown to celebrate the 22nd birthday of rapper Desiigner . The party was so hardcore that apparently some of the party goers were “were unable to walk” and many of them were “hospitalized”.

The primary allegation of misconduct came from a Facebook group called “Moms of Conejo Valley.” Someone in the group had claimed their daughter had attended the party and she had apparently “ended up in the hospital with eight other girls who had been drugged (ending up) incoherent.” The post also claims that the girls were “half-naked,” “unable to walk or talk” and that they were forced to sign an NDA at the door. 

Although the the Los Angeles Police claimed that they had not received any reports about drug usage, but only had complaints about loud noises and about the party getting out of hand. These claims contradicted that of the the LA fire department who posted pictures on Instagram showing multiple fire trucks at the destination, which were allegedly transporting multiple patients from the party.

The truth has evaded us, but incident only shows how erratic, and enigmatic of a person Jake Paul really is.

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