Rob Van Dam ‘RVD’ discusses his respect for Vince McMahon and reveals story of their WWE work relationship

Rob Van Dam or according to his fans, RVD, is an American professional wrestler and a WWE legend. RVD has enjoyed a massive fanbase during his time in the WWE. There is no denying that the Hall of Famer has been seen in the WWE over the years despite not being in any contract.

Whether it is in a comedic segment involving Matt Riddle and The Great Khali or showing up on special Monday Night Raw episodes, RVD was there.

Despite being one of the fan-favorites of the WWE, RVD had enough and he left the WWE. RVD was one of the ECW pillars. He has also been a part of the TNA and still appeared for the WWE. This suggests he is in a good relationship with the WWE executive chairman Vince McMahon.

RVD opens up about his relationship with Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

RVD recently appeared on the One Of A Kind podcast and talked about Vince McMahon. He quoted, “I always got along with Vince. I don’t remember when we first started talking after I was hired there in 2001ust remember he was always respectful and cool to me. I remember going to him when I was frustrated about politics and he was very open. That might have been maybe the first time that I bonded with him. [I] went in there and just unloaded about everything, about a lot of stuff that I haven’t even talked about yet in a public format. He was cool and open to that discussion. He was like, ‘Rob, I appreciate you’re frustrated.’ He was always open to ideas.”

Let’s hope that this is true and hopefully, we see RVD back in the WWE. Many upcoming superstars would want RVD to mentor them, especially in high-flying moves. A picture-perfect five-star frog splash on every superstar on an epic Royal Rumble return can prove to be a special one-off.

What happened to Vince McMahon’s sexual allegations?


Vince McMahon

The biggest shareholder and the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon suffered a huge splash on his dignity when he was accused of sexual allegations. Following that, Vince McMahon had to pay over $17.4 million and also retire from his position last year. The wrestling world was in shock following this. There were rumors that we have seen the last of Vince McMahon on the board.

Vince McMahon returned in the January of this year and was back in his position. He was not back in creative control at that time but he has booked Raw and Smackdown frequently over the months and there is speculation that he is still in some creative control if not full.


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