Shakur Stevenson claims Gervonta Davis reached “The Floyd Mayweather point” ahead of rumored boxing bout

According to Shakur Stevenson, the undefeated featherweight champion, Gervonta Davis has achieved a level comparable to that of Floyd Mayweather, as he approaches a speculated boxing match against Stevenson.

Mayweather retired with a wonderful record of 50-0, after dominating the sport for more than 20 years. Owing to his remarkable speed, precision, and strategic mindset, he was a formidable adversary for even some of the best.

Stevenson maintains that Davis has accomplished a comparable level of triumph, given his unbeaten record of 25-0.

Stevenson lauded Davis’ boxing abilities in an interview with FightHype, stating that, 

“I felt Tank looked sharp, he looked real sharp, he boxed real good. I think Ryan was like pre-school. Ryan wasn’t on that top level.”

“When they speak about the ‘Four Kings’, all of the ‘Four Kings’ were special, great fighters and I don’t think Ryan was on that kind of level, I don’t think Ryan was that good,” he continued.

“I ain’t taking no credit away from Tank. Tank did what he was supposed to do, but Ryan just wasn’t that,” he further added.

Stevenson has been regarded as one of the most talented up-and-coming boxers for quite some time. He made his professional debut in 2017 after earning a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics.

Since then, he has amassed an impressive record of 16-0, which includes notable victories over Joet Gonzalez and Jeremiah Nakathila. On the other hand, Davis has already established himself as one of boxing’s premier fighters.

Gervonta Davis vs Shakur Stevenson: Another big fight in the making

He has secured championships in both the super featherweight and lightweight divisions and has defeated several renowned names in the sport, such as Leo Santa Cruz and Yuriorkis Gamboa.

A highly anticipated showdown between two of boxing’s most promising young fighters would take place if Stevenson and Davis were to face off. Shakur’s exceptional speed and precision contrasts with Davis’ incredible power and explosiveness.

Stevenson, who considers himself the superior boxer, has expressed confidence in his ability to emerge victorious in what he views as a “50-50” match. “I believe I am the more astute fighter,” he stated.

Shakur Stevenson vs Gervonta Davis

Although the potential fight between Stevenson and Davis has yet to be officially confirmed. It is widely anticipated to occur later this year. If it transpires, it will be a significant event and could have far-reaching implications for the future of the sport.

In summary, Stevenson’s assertion that Gervonta has achieved a level comparable to Floyd Mayweather’s is a notable endorsement of Davis’s capabilities as a boxer.

Nonetheless, Stevenson is confident in his ability to conquer Davis and establish himself as one of the sport’s premier fighters. If a fight between the two actually materializes.

It would probably be one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year and could have significant ramifications for the future of boxing.

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