UFC icon Conor McGregor offers encouragement to Ryan Garcia after TKO loss vs Gervonta Davis

Conor McGregor, the prominent UFC fighter, offered comforting and motivating words to Ryan Garcia, who endured his initial career loss against Gervonta “Tank Davis” during a boxing match held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last Saturday.

Alongside other notable figures from the sports and entertainment world, McGregor extended his support to Garcia and uplifted his spirits after the defeat, emphasizing the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

McGregor’s gesture of goodwill is a testament to the camaraderie and sportsmanship that transcends individual achievements and triumphs.

“He’s 1-0 on you, you’re the two biggest names in the division, I want to see it again,” McGregor told Garcia. “I want to see it again now, and I want to see it with no rehydration clause – seriously. All the respect in the world to you. You’re the future, you’re the future of this game, and I’m going to watch you all the way.”

On Instagram, Garcia, who is 24 years old, posted a video of the exchange with Conor.

“All good he’s up on me!” Garcia wrote. “I went thru fire for this fight. I’m going to come back stronger!! Rack up a couple more wins to run this back! Hopefully we can do it at 140 no clauses! Great Job to gervonta great fight and fighter!!!”

Conor McGregor with Ryan Garcia backstage

Conor McGregor witnesses Davis’s unbeaten run

At 1 minute and 44 seconds into the seventh round, the referee of the match, Thomas Taylor, declared its end after reaching a count of ten. The decisive blow came in the form of a left hand to the liver of Ryan Garcia, sending him down to his knees and gasping for air.

Although Garcia managed to get up after Davis landed a left-hand counter to his face in the second round. This particular punch was more debilitating.

Conor McGregor with Ryan Garcia

Meanwhile, Gervonta “Tank” Davis, aged 28, has emerged as one of the most recognizable figures in the boxing world. In a post-fight interview with Showtime reporter Jim Gray. Davis even went as far as claiming to be the undisputed face of the sport.

His victory against Garcia was a testament to his prowess and has cemented his position among the greats of the sport.

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