“This kid is mentally challenged”: Fans mock Rolly Romero claiming Shakur Stevenson “most boring fighter in the history of boxing”

Rolly Romero, the up-and-coming boxing sensation, recently made headlines when he took aim at fellow boxer Shakur Stevenson. In a scathing interview, Romero referred to Stevenson as the “most boring fighter in the history of boxing” and said that he was not interested in fighting him.

Rolly Romero mocked Shakur Stevenson

Romero, who is known for his outspoken nature and brash personality, has never been one to shy away from controversy. In the interview, he made it clear that he has no respect for Stevenson and that he does not believe he is worthy of sharing the ring with him.

“Shakur Stevenson is the most boring fighter in the history of boxing,” Romero said. “He’s got no power, no charisma, and no excitement. Why would I waste my time fighting him?”

Romero went on to say that he believes he is the future of boxing. The boxer hailing from Las Vegas also claimed that he is not interested in fighting anyone who does not pose a real challenge to him.

Romero proclaimed himself as the “best fighter in the world”. The best always will only want to fight the best. Which is why Romero refuses to lock horns with Stevenson. Romero made it clear that Stevenson can never be the best in his eyes.

Stevenson held WBO featherweight title from 2019 to 2020 and the WBO super featherweight title from 2021 to 2022. The question hangs in the air as to how can Stevenson prove himself to Romero.

Which is probably why Shakur has not yet responded to Romero’s comments. However, many fans and commentators have been quick to criticize Romero for his harsh words and disrespectful attitude.

Fans immediately mocked Romero

Fans, on the other hand, went all guns blazing at Romero. Some of them brutally mocked the former WBA interim lightweight champion. Some of them even called him “mentally challenged.” While some pointed that Shakur is more exciting than Romero.

Despite the controversy surrounding his comments, Romero remains steadfast in his belief that he is the best fighter in the world and that he will continue to prove it in the ring. Whether or not he and Stevenson will ever face off remains to be seen.

A few days ago, Gervonta Davis named Stevenson on his hit list of next boxers. So, it is not hard to understand the fans’ rage. However, this may be a potential mind game from Romero as well. This badmouthing may even lead to a bout later on. And if that happens, boxing fans around the world will probably wait for the fight in anticipation.


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