Tommy Fury responds to KSI’s challenge, compares him to Jake Paul in bold statement: “Just as delusional as Jake”

Tommy Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has accepted KSI’s challenge to a boxing match. However, Fury didn’t hold back in his criticism of KSI and Jake Paul, calling them both delusional.

Fury’s comments reflect the growing trend of YouTubers and social media influencers entering the boxing ring. While some have found success, others have been criticized for their lack of experience and skill.

KSI and Tommy Fury had an online banter yet again

Apparently, KSI got to Tommy Fury’s head, who gave Jake Paul his first loss in the sport. Fury did not waste any time as he clapped back asking, “Wait. Beat who?”. KSI clarified that if the duo shared a boxing ring, they would beat Fury. KSI even swiped at ‘TNT’ questioning his capability to read.

While speaking with Salt Papi, KSI stated that he would eventually get his hands on him. You have to “earn” the fight. Meanwhile, the CEO of Misfits Boxing felt kind enough to fight and defeat Tommy Fury and ruin Jake Paul’s boxing legacy. Fury, who was criticized by the former coach, said in a reply to KSI, “Just as delusional as Jake. I’m looking forward to this one. ”

Fury’s criticism of KSI and Jake Paul is not unfounded. Both YouTubers have faced backlash for their behavior inside and outside the ring. KSI has been accused of disrespecting opponents and promoting a negative image of the sport, while Jake Paul has faced legal issues and controversy for his antics.

Is KSI Vs Fury in the works?

Following Tommy Fury’s win over Jake Paul, Daddy Fury has announced ongoing talks with KSI. John was positive about a potential fight, “I have been in talks with the Sauerland brothers about a possible match-up with their man KSI. If it can be done, we will do it.”. There’s no confirmation on the fight. However, the snide remarks and verbal jabs bear a message. Maybe KSI vs Fury is not too far off.

Fury’s acceptance of KSI’s challenge is a testament to his confidence in his abilities as a boxer. He’s not afraid to take on anyone, regardless of their background or reputation. However, he’s also not afraid to speak his mind and call out those who he believes are not taking the sport seriously.

As the trend of YouTubers and social media influencers entering the boxing ring continues, the likes of KSI and Fury are making rounds on the news. The online spats may seem silly. Nonetheless, it is adding elements to boxing.

Who do you think will win if Fury and KSI decide to lock horns?


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