Trick Williams reacted to pro wrestling reporter not knowing the significance of  “whoop that trick” chant with one character

Trick Williams has been a very popular wrestler among the fans of NXT and has been getting really good reactions from the crowd. He’s also had some really good matches, both as a solo competitor and as a tag team with Carmelo Hayes.

One of the more popular chants is ‘Whoop that trick,’ which was a phrase popularized by 2005 movie Hustle and Flow. Former wrestler Bryan Alvarez recently appeared to be clueless about the context of the chant in a podcast.

NXT sensation reacted to Bryan Alvarez’s comments on “whoop that trick”

‘Whoop that trick’ chants have been heard frequently on WWE programming recently, with the chants taking over the match between Charlotte and Sonya Deville earlier in the year in Memphis. The chant is also recognized as a chant for the basketball team Memphis Grizzlies.

The chant has been incredibly popular, with the crowd screaming ‘Whoop that trick’ to the beat of Trick Williams’ entrance. Booker T has also done phenomenal work to get the chant over with the fans. The Hall of Famer and former World Champion turned commentator would vibe to Trick Willams’ entrance, playing the role of hype man and doing a brilliant job at it.

Famous podcaster and former wrestler Bryan Alvarez, in an interview, was seemingly confused about the chants as he didn’t know the context or the reference. He’d go on to say how the chant doesn’t make any sense and the crowd will essentially chant anything to keep themselves happy. Trick Williams reacted to this funny incident in a tweet.

Trick’s football background before WWE switch

Trick Williams revealed his aspirations before becoming a WWE Superstar on Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast. He wanted to be an American football player and also had trials with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. Parallels seem to be there with The Rock as both didn’t make the cut in football.

He said, “I was fully involved in football, and then after college, I had a mini-camp tryout with the Philadelphia Eagles and I got cut, and then, from there I didn’t know what I was gonna do. I was still trying to play football, and I had an agent at the time. He was trying to sign me up for the XFL and XFL was owned by Vince McMahon. So, I filled out this questionnaire for the XFL and then the next day, WWE reached out to me and said, ‘Hey, if you’re interested, we wanna bring you for a tryout.’”

Trick Williams shared how he wasn’t into wrestling much and, after the trials, realized that he was born to do this. He wasn’t signed up by WWE immediately after but took a sudden liking to professional wrestling and improved until he joined the company.

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