Liv Morgan injury update: reviewing latest physical condition of the former Women’s champ

Liv Morgan has been off WWE programming for a while and was last seen on television when she was brutally attacked by WWE Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley after she lost the Women’s Tag Team Championship match against Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville.

The Eradicator of The Judgement Day injured Liv Morgan by trapping her left in a steel chair and stomping on it but she was actually written off TV to nurse a legitimate shoulder injury. The former women’s champion recently provided an update on her injury.

Liv Morgan confirms her injury status

Liv Morgan was last seen on the July 17th edition of RAW and Fightful Select reported she was dealing with a legitimate shoulder injury. WWE reported that she was taken to a nearby medical facility for kayfabe reasons. The curse of the women’s tag titles didn’t go away, with Sonya Deville also getting injured while being the women’s tag champ. Liv was recently featured in a profile for Muscle and Health and gave insight into her recovery and nutrition.

When discussing her diet, she confirmed that she is currently out with an injury. She was quoted as saying, “I’m actually out injured right now and aside from healing up, my focus has been on my nutrition, so it’s been really exciting honing in on that. I want to come back in the very best shape of my life.”

The two-time Women’s Tag Team Champion when discussing her healthy diet, added, “So right now, I am eating clean, tons of fresh fruits and veggies. I’m basing my carb intake on the amount of physicality and energy I expend each day. I do believe life is about balance, though, so I still order a cheeky little dessert with dinner sometimes.”

The former Women’s champ staying at CJ Perry’s house

Liv Morgan and CJ Perry, FKA Lana, go way back and were involved in many storylines together, which made the bond between the two stronger. Liv Morgan was famously involved with Lana in a storyline where she revealed herself as Lana’s lover during the wedding ceremony with Bobby Lashley. Following the surprise, she aligned herself with Rusev against Lana and Bobby Lashley in a story that went nowhere.

She has been quite injury-prone during her WWE run. During this period of recovery from the injury, the former WWE Women’s Champion has been staying at CJ Perry’s house in Los Angeles. This was confirmed after Lana reposted an Instagram story of Liv thanking Perry for letting her stay at her house. CJ Perry recently debuted in AEW, joining her husband, Miro FKA Rusev.

With Royal Rumble just over 3 months away, would you want Liv Morgan to make her return at the event and go on to win it? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.


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