UFC icon Conor McGregor expresses interest in training with Floyd Mayweather’s father in backstage meeting

During an impromptu backstage encounter at Gervonta Davis’ fight against Ryan Garcia in Las Vegas on Saturday night, UFC star Conor McGregor expressed his desire to train with Floyd Mayweather’s father.

McGregor, 34, and Mayweather Sr, both present at the event, had a chance meeting where Conor praised the boxing legend’s father, acknowledging that he was instrumental in his son’s unbeaten 50-0 professional record.

The conversation, which was recorded by Full Combat, captured Mayweather Sr’s comment to McGregor.

“Everything you’re talking about I already know.” McGregor then praised the coach by saying: “Every time you’d finish on about six jabs. You’re the reason, I’d love to do work with you someday.”

Given that Mayweather Sr has previously coached boxers who have faced Conor’s former opponents, such as Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya, a collaboration between McGregor and Mayweather Sr wouldn’t be unexpected.

Additionally, this isn’t the first instance of Conor and Mayweather Sr being on good terms with each other as the 70-year-old had previously made a surprise appearance at McGregor’s press conference before their fight.

Conor McGregor with Ryan Garcia backstage

Conor McGregor can’t help but stay in the limelight

After a hiatus of almost two years since his leg injury during the trilogy fights against Dustin Poirier, former two-weight UFC champion Conor has expressed an interest in returning to boxing once his MMA career is over.

While he hasn’t won a fight in more than three years, the ‘Notorious’ fighter is set to make his comeback to the octagon later this year, taking on Michael Chandler.

Aside from Mayweather Sr, Conor also ran into other prominent figures in the boxing world during the weekend. Following Ryan Garcia’s defeat to ‘Tank’, McGregor paid a visit to Garcia’s locker room.

Conor McGregor with Ryan Garcia

He complimented the fighter’s performance and urged him to pursue a rematch against Davis. McGregor suggested that the rematch should exclude a rehydration clause, which had previously required both fighters to weigh under 146lb on fight day.

“He’s 1-0 on you, you’re the two biggest names in the division, I want to see it again,” McGregor told Garcia. “I want to see it again now, and I want to see it with no rehydration clause. Seriously. All the respect in the world to you. You’re the future, you’re the future of this game, and I’m going to watch you all the way.”

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