WATCH: Jaden Philogene’s viral rabona goal is one of the best “own goal” you will ever see

Football has become a controversial sport with so many controversial referee decisions that the matches now don’t seem fair. There have been many cases of such, including the recent controversial match between Almeria and Real Madrid, where referees’ poor decision-making and inability to use VAR for its absolute purpose snatched a well-deserved win from Almeria.

Recently, there has been another case where, although the decision didn’t matter in retrospect of the match, in regards to the player’s achievements, it did. In a Championship match between Hull City and Rotherham, Jaden Philogene was deprived of owning a stunning rabona goal as it was called an own goal by the match officials.

Jaden Philogene going viral for an outrageous rabona goal

The Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world and the class of the players playing in it is well above the others. But when you see the talents playing in the championship, you understand where all this top stuff comes from.

In the league considered one of the most competitive in all the second division leagues across Europe, fans witnessed something marvelous, something amazing, something out of this world as Hull City midfielder Jaden Philogene curled in a Rabona to score the first goal for his team in the match against Rotherham, and the video of the whole setup is just going viral over the whole world.

Such composure and talent in a player who was rejected by both Barcelona, who are in a financial mess, and Aston Villa, the boyhood club of another starlet in Jack Grealish, suggests how much determination and work the player has put in on himself and his development, which just shows the importance of the Championship in the English football league setup.

The former Aston Villa academy player Jaden Philogene has 7 goals and 5 assists this season in all competitions for his club and those numbers are just impressive considering the player plays as a CAM.

Hull City star already linked with Liverpool

Jaden Philogene would be on the moon right now after scoring such a wonderful Rabona goal; however, the match officials named it his own goal, depriving him of some part of his happiness. Still, due to his consistent performances, he has piqued the interest of many European clubs, like Liverpool, Barcelona, Aston Villa, and Newcastle United.

Although the player is still playing in the second division, the midfielder was targeted by Liverpool’s current boss Jurgen Klopp last summer. There were even talks with the player’s entourage but all deals broke down when Hull City signed him from Aston Villa for 5 million euros and preserved a 15 million euros buy-back clause in the deal just in case the winger explodes in the future.

The case certainly seems to be that way, as Villa’s current boss, Unai Emery, is already impressed by what he is seeing from the player this season in the second division. Aston Villa might consider signing him back but there could be difficulties as there would be lots of competition for the 22-year-old midfielder.

Whether Liverpool re-ignite their interest in the youngster, considering Jurgen Klopp is set to leave at the end of the current season is still a dilemma. But no matter what, the English midfielder is destined for greatness and is probably going to join a big club soon.

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