Quincy Promes drug smuggling case: What is the verdict for the ex-Ajax star?

Former Ajax star and Dutch international Quincy Promes was accused of importing 1361 kg of cocaine from a port in Antwerp last year. The player, currently playing for Russian side Spartak Moscow, was set to undergo his trial on February 14, 2024 and the results of the trial are with us now.

The former Sevilla right-winger has not played for his national team since participating in the Euro 2020 championship with them, where he didn’t do anything impressive for his side. Adding the drug case trial to it, the international career of the player seems to be almost over and his domestic career is up in the air after the results of the recent trial.

What verdict has been given to Quincy Promes’ drug trafficking lawsuit?

According to the latest reports, former Dutch international Quincy Promes has been sentenced to six years in prison for his alleged involvement in the smuggling of over 1350 kg of cocaine. It was initially reported that the prosecution asked for a 9-year prison period but the jury decided to give only 6 years of imprisonment to the player.

The player was not present at the hearing in the Netherlands, as he is currently playing his trade for Spartak Moscow in Russia. It is reported that the player is going to appeal the decision, as he has maintained his innocence since the start of the case. The main evidence in the case was his encrypted cryptographic messages.

This is not the first time that the player has been given a judicial punishment, as just a few days ago, the player was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment along with heavy compensation for stabbing the wife of his cousin at a birthday party over a reportedly stolen necklace. The player has yet to undergo that punishment and there has been no reply from the player’s side regarding the same.

What’s next for Promes’ playing career?

The 32-year-old is playing football in Russia and has not been affected by the judicial decisions yet. Because Russia has no extradition treaty with the Netherlands, the player could just refuse to go back home and continue playing his career in the Russian Premier League at Spartak Moscow.

It was also reported that the player is very keen on getting Russian citizenship and has been trying to get it for quite a while, meaning he could get it soon. These facts just emphasize that the player could easily walk over the given judicial punishments and wouldn’t be affected even a slight bit unless the Russian government or his club management decided to do something about it.

There has been no proper communication from the Russian club side and with their match against Kairat tonight, it remains to be seen whether the player is allowed to play for the club or not. It remains to be seen what Quincy Promes’ future career could look like if the Russian government or the Russian club decides to cooperate with the Netherlands court, as this is not the first drug-related case in the footballing world in recent times.

Do you think Quincy Promes will be forced to go through his punishment by the Russian club or will the player just walk freely despite being convicted and punished for two crimes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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